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What can a HubSpot PPC Agency do for you?

Harnessing the Power of HubSpot PPC

If you use the Hubspot customer relationship management system you may or may not be familiar with the fact that you can manage your PPC campaigns directly from this clever CRM.

The features and layout of HubSpot make it a great way to efficiently view and adjust your PPC ads. There is a wealth of clever things that you can do with PPC HubSpot campaign management that you can’t do within your Google Ads account alone. 

PPC Toolkit for SaaS & Technology Companies

At Digital Media Stream, as a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner and winner of their Top Digital Agency Award in 2019, we have in-depth knowledge and experience of HubSpot and its streamlined PPC management capabilities.

We are experts at guiding people through how to manage their pay-per-click campaigns via HubSpot (we offer a completely free, no-obligation PPC review to get you started). You can book your FREE HubSpot PPC Review with us today by registering at the bottom of this blog.

Sharing Free HubSpot PPC Advice

We also like to share our extensive knowledge about PPC and HubSpot, particularly how you can link PPC to HubSpot. So with this in mind, we continually pass on the tips and tricks that we have learnt when using HubSpot for pay-per-click ad management over the years.

In fact, we have a series of PPC tutorial videos available that give a flavour of the kind of HubSpot PPC advice we can provide. These videos are available via our YouTube channel or on our PPC Tips page.

Our PPC Tips videos include usable advice like ‘How to Create a Google Ads Audience in HubSpot’ and ‘How to Configure the Calculation of ROI for Paid Ad Campaigns in HubSpot’.

With these PPC training videos, we can teach you everything from the basics like creating Google Ads audiences, to revealing more advanced techniques like how to measure the success of your campaigns by calculating the return on your investment (ROI). ppc-video

These PPC video tutorials provide a mini HubSpot PPC course or two for those looking to manage their own pay-per-click campaigns via HubSpot.

However, what if you don’t have your PPC Ad campaign configured to be viewed on the HubSpot platform? We are here to help if you have a HubSpot account but would like your PPC campaigns integrated with it.

Or perhaps you don’t have HubSpot and would like us to set it up and configure it with your Google Ads?

Either way, we are specialists in HubSpot and Google Ads integrations and know how to seamlessly link PPC to HubSpot. We can quickly set up a HubSpot account from scratch for you and configure it with your existing Google Ads account.

Or if you already have HubSpot, but haven’t used it for your PPC management yet, we can get the two running together quickly and efficiently so that you can see everything in one place. 

PPC Hubspot Integration and Management for Beginners 

But what if you are new to all of this? We can also set you up if you have neither HubSpot nor Google Ads and are looking to start a PPC ad campaign, having never used online advertising before.

If you are completely new to pay-per-click advertising, you will want to use expert PPC management services like ours to set up your campaign and provide ongoing management of your pay-per-click ads from within HubSpot.

We are online integration specialists providing HubSpot Custom Integrations. We have years of knowledge and experience behind us on how to integrate different internet-based systems together, in order to make management and optimisation of our client’s online activity easier.

We can also create and maintain a completely new online presence for those wanting a brand-new streamlined website, that can be fully integrated with both HubSpot and Google Ads.

So, as you can see, a HubSpot PPC Agency can do a lot for you. Whether you are looking for new HubSpot PPC integrations or if you already have the two integrated and simply want advice on your PPC HubSpot management, we’re here to help.

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