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HubSpot CRM Migration

Our HubSpot CRM Migration service ensures a quick, easy, and flawless export of your legacy data and content to the HubSpot platform.

If you’re moving to HubSpot but have concerns about moving your data with you, then let us put your mind at rest. 

As HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partners, the team at Digital Media Stream has the expertise to safely, effectively and quickly manage your website migration to HubSpot. 

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How does HubSpot Migration work?

Simplify Your Migration

As HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partners, we offer expert guidance to ensure your system migration is seamless. We design bespoke migration solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our service handles everything from simple spreadsheets to large databases, ensuring your data remains intact. We'll migrate your systems in the order you need, quickly and efficiently.

Get up and running with HubSpot in no time with our tailored HubSpot Migration service.

Data Migration Planning

We'll collaborate to pinpoint and prepare the essential data for a smooth migration to HubSpot. Rest assured, no data will be overlooked—we can transfer a vast array of data types and from numerous platforms like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho, including contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom data.

Our Custom HubSpot Migrations handle even the most complex data sets with zero disruption.

Data Preparation & Cleansing

Effective HubSpot Migration starts with well-organised data. We'll address any gaps or disorganisation in your data to ensure a clean export and import.

By carefully structuring and formatting your data, we ensure that it aligns perfectly with HubSpot’s requirements, including the setup of any necessary custom fields tailored to your specific needs.

Our meticulous preparation sets the stage for flawless data mapping and integration, facilitating a smooth transition into your new system.  

Data Mapping & Transfer

Custom data poses no issue; our experience and technical expertise allow us to map virtually any data to HubSpot CRM objects accurately.

We employ custom code and API endpoints to ensure your data is transferred effectively and meets your operational needs.  

Once everything is configured, we schedule the migration at your convenience.

Migration Verification

Post-migration, we'll validate the transfer by testing and cross-referencing the imported data with the original to ensure accuracy and functionality.

We then hand over your new, fully operational HubSpot CRM, enabling you to leverage your meticulously migrated data for enhanced business operations.

We will provide ongoing support and training, helping your team to fully use the new system and optimise your business processes. 

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HubSpot Migration Pricing

Our pricing, like our HubSpot Migration service, is tailored to each business.

Your migration process and pricing will be fully customised, based on your specific goals and needs.

Digital Media Stream is an accredited HubSpot Agency and provider of top quality CRM Custom Migration Services.

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