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A proven process to grow your business.

Digital Media Stream is a Manchester-based Digital Marketing Agency with HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner status.

Founded in 2011, we’ve adapted and refined our process over the last decade to encompass every aspect of successful project and campaign management.

Coupling proven methodology with top-calibre digital and HubSpot expertise, we offer a best in class service across the UK.

We have the internal infrastructure to manage every project on time and within budget, whether on a retainer or once-off project basis.

As your strategic partner, we pride ourselves on adapting our approach to ensure the best possible results and solutions for your specific business needs.

Here’s how we handle our digital projects from start to finish.


1. Conversation

Every success story starts with a conversation. This is where we will discuss your needs, your challenges, and how best we can support you. 

Our years of experience and industry accreditation allows us to draw up a comprehensive plan of action to elevate your business to the next level.

We believe the conversation never ends. As your needs change, our process will adapt to accommodate them.


2. Discovery

After our initial conversation, we’ll arrange a discovery session. 

This is where we take a look under the bonnet of your business and explore how we will manage your project to completion.

With our digital and HubSpot expertise, we can highlight aspects of your project you may not have considered, offering you an even greater return on your investment. 

You’ll meet the team who will be handling your project. We’ll establish expectations, set up timelines, and give you a clear insight into how your project will be managed.


3. Execution

Once our blueprint is confirmed, we can get to work behind the scenes. We have the right people with the right experience handling the various aspects of your project, at every stage.

From HubSpot experts and technical gurus, through to SEO, PPC and content specialists - the team is equipped to handle every aspect of your project, no matter how complex or customised.

Our strategic partnership underpins every stage of your project, including execution. You will be guided by industry experts while having control over your project throughout.


4. Project Management

We’ve distilled our project management to somewhat of an art. 

You will be kept up to date with all developments, with full visibility on every task. You have direct access to our project managers who are happy to assist with any questions you have.

Our project management software is available to access 24/7. If you’re pressed for time but still want visibility on your project, we’ll send regular updates and feedback straight to your inbox.

Transparency has never been more convenient.


5. Reporting

As a HubSpot Agency, the vast majority of our clients enjoy HubSpot reporting straight from their dashboard. 

We also use various other trusted reporting platforms to provide you with verifiable statistics and insights on your project’s progress.

You’ll stay informed about your project performance through monthly reporting meetings to walk you through your data.

Our reporting forms a crucial part of each project, guiding our next steps with real-world data to help you continually achieve exceptional results.

Proven methodology, proven success.

Our customer-centric approach is tangible in each step of our process, and our commitment to solving your business needs permeates every task we complete.

Whether you choose Digital Media Stream to lead on your project on a once-off basis, or prefer to work with us on a retainer basis, we guarantee the same level of dedication, quality and support. 

If you’re ready to speak with a digital agency and HubSpot Partner that has the expertise, accreditation and trusted process to ensure the success of your project, we’re ready too.

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