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Optimise Growth with Marketing

Using HubSpot automation tools to automate repetitive tasks saves time and improves lead generation. 

If you're using HubSpot, you need these tools to manage tasks effectively, ensuring a high return on investment. They enable you to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer relationships, and optimise your marketing campaigns.

With HubSpot automation, your business can achieve greater productivity and growth.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

HubSpot Marketing Automation Services

What does a Marketing Automation Service include?

Marketing Automation Services can be as simple or complex as you like. Your automation strategy will be based on your unique business needs, and tactically deployed with a focus on the most beneficial outcome.

At Digital Media Stream, our HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner credentials allow us to provide you with leading HubSpot Marketing Automation Services.

You will have access to all the leading HubSpot Automation tools, alongside unmatched support from our team of digital marketing and HubSpot experts. 

Our HubSpot Marketing Automation Services include email automation campaigns, lead scoring and nurturing strategies, conversion rate optimisation tactics, and sales prospecting automation. 

If you’re on the lookout for HubSpot Marketing Automation Services to elevate your business to new levels, we can help.

Email Marketing Automation

Email plays a pivotal role in both sales and marketing strategies.

Utilising the HubSpot platform and its workflow technologies, we’re able to develop bespoke email marketing campaigns that seamlessly integrate into your content marketing plan.

Our approach is tailored to your target audience, as we analyse your data we can align your strategy to maximise your marketing & sales opportunities.

Lead Scoring & Nurturing

We make use of lead scoring strategies to ensure your sales teams are always in contact with the highest quality and most relevant leads.

This ensures that leads are progressed to sales reps only when they are qualified.

Qualified leads are determined by a variety of factors including the individual's market fit, the content they are consuming and the level of interest they have demonstrated.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our consultants look at the key metrics following the deployment of automated campaigns - including contact engagement, email opens, click-through rate, etc.

These metrics are assessed in tandem with ‘end of the funnel’ conversion rates to understand which actions are helping lead growth.

This takes into account User Experience (UX), Full-Funnel Optimisation, and A/B Testing.

Sales Prospecting Automation

As sales and marketing continue to become more aligned, the role of the sales rep now, more than ever, relies on Marketing Automation.

We work with sales teams on their outbound approach to ensure targeted leads are connected with personalised emails that get a response.

Our Sales Enablement support includes, but is not limited to, Automated Email Sequences, Content & Email Notification Reporting, Visitor IP Tracking, Marketing & CRM Integration.

Marketing Automation Pricing

Our fully tailored Marketing Automation Services are fitted with a fully customised price tag.

Your Marketing Automation pricing will be customised to your desired use of the Marketing Automations available. Our team of experts will explain the intricacies of each service we offer, and how it might be beneficial to you.

Request your customised quotation below, or book in a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experts to discuss your needs.

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Marketing Automation FAQ

How to implement Marketing Automation?

Your Marketing Automation strategy will be based on the tools you choose to use and the goals you want to achieve. Most successful Marketing Automations are implemented using these fundamentals:

Set SMART goals and define your budget

  • Your automation goals should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-Bound. They should also align with a clearly defined marketing budget.

Select Marketing Automation software for your specific needs

  • Your Marketing Automation software is the cornerstone of your marketing activities. As a non-negotiable, it must be within your budget and offer the features & functionalities you need. You will also need to consider the support available if you will be executing your automations in-house, or if you choose a Marketing Automation Agency - ensure they provide the level of support and expertise required to deliver your campaigns to a consistently high level. 

Assess and assign your resources

  • Will existing teams need automation software training to implement planned activities? Is the team proficient in the strategic and tactical aspects of successful marketing campaigns - or would it be more effective to outsource your Marketing Automations and activities to an agency? Most businesses realise the highest benefit from using the expertise and technical knowledge offered by Marketing Automation Agencies.

Formulate your marketing plan in line with your SMART goals

  • From assigning roles and ensuring GDPR compliance, to crafting the perfect copy for your campaigns - this part of the Marketing Automation process requires commitment. This is perhaps the most pertinent area of Marketing Automation to seek expertise on; Marketing Automation Agencies with platform accreditation offer invaluable insights, product knowledge and expertise that can mean the difference between successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

Launch your Marketing Automation

  • Once your planning is complete, hit the start button. If you’re implementing Marketing Automations yourself, keep it simple to start with. You can develop your strategy and include more types of campaigns as your marketing activities start to yield results. If you’re using a Marketing Automation Agency, ensure you are provided with a regular report on your campaign activity, highlighting successes and failures.  

What can Marketing Automation do?

Marketing Automation can improve marketing activity ROI, increase the number of qualified leads, enable sales teams to close more deals and also enhance customer acquisition and retention rates.

Automation software offers a wide range of functionalities and capabilities, and can be tailored to your specific automation strategy. 

Marketing Automation is a key element of lead nurturing. Although this list is not exhaustive, the most popular Marketing Automation software can:

  • Nurture your leads through emails and other communication which are triggered, based on user activity on and off your site
  • Serve as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, keeping track of your customers purchasing history and offering great insights into their behaviour. 
  • Market across multiple platforms with optimised emails that display well across tablets, mobile devices and desktop.
  • Provide insights and analytics into your prospects’ behaviour across multiple channels - including your blog, website and social channels.
  • Gain meaningful insights into your prospects’ and leads’ buying lifecycle
  • Nurture your leads through drip marketing email campaigns - a series of emails that help to qualify and engage leads while nurturing them down the sales funnel
  • Drive enhanced customer loyalty through exclusive offers to your best contacts
  • Qualify leads through timely and relevant content, providing your sales team with a bigger pool of qualified contacts to reach out to
  • Delight your existing customers and drive repeat purchases through long-term relationship building
  • Manage and enhance your ROI through measured results
  • Deliver more targeted messaging and offers to specific groups and personas through segmentation
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates and increase first-time buyer ratios

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing Automation is the strategy and distribution of optimised, timely messages through email communication to your prospects and leads. 

Email Automations can be tailored to all stages of the buyer's lifecycle. Most email campaigns conducted through automation serve the following purposes:

  • Provide prospects with relevant and timely content to nurture them down the sales funnel
  • Qualify leads to SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) status, allowing your sales team a better opportunity to close the deal
  • Encourage your prospect or lead to complete their first-time purchase
  • Motivate happy customers to complete a repeat purchase

Perhaps most importantly is that Email Automations are - as the name implies - automated; very little input is required throughout the campaign lifecycle. Many marketers view Email Marketing Automations as a valuable team asset that ensures more qualified leads in a more stable supply.

Why Marketing Automation is important

Marketing Automation can not be ignored. Customer expectations and demands continue to evolve rapidly, and Marketing Automation has proved an invaluable asset for reaching, acquiring and retaining more leads and customers.

It holds huge potential for any business to improve their marketing activities and ensure higher ROI, focussing more effort into well-performing campaigns and enhancing customer engagements and relationships. 

Marketing Automations are crucial for businesses looking to save time, automate lead nurturing and qualifying processes and improve marketing activities to a point of increased sales. 

What is the difference between CRM and Marketing Automation?

Both CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing Automation refer to software. 

CRM works by collecting and managing customer interactions, with a focus on sales. 

Marketing Automation focuses on optimising and refining marketing activities that garner new prospects and leads.

Marketing Automation software also serves as a CRM. While both terms refer to software and activities, they are not interchangeable. Think of CRM as a way to increase sales, and Marketing Automation as a way to ensure you are marketing your product or service to the right people.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Mobile Marketing Automation is a mobile device based marketing process. Email Marketing Automations seem more prolific, but perhaps the very nature of Mobile Marketing Automations is what makes them more subtle. 

It’s important to know that Mobile Marketing Automations are not limited to text or SMS-based marketing activities. While SMS automations are an option, Mobile Marketing Automation overall is far more advanced.

Marketers looking to reach and engage with prospects using mobile apps across iOS and Android can automate push notifications and in-app messages. These notifications and messages are targeted at specific audiences, and are often triggered by a predetermined set of actions. 

This type of Marketing Automation is fairly advanced, and often requires integrated platforms and functionality.