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Marketing Automation Services

We use your contact data to craft automated marketing campaigns that increase efficiency and profitability. Through a detailed analysis of your target audience, we’re able to nurture the user, providing the information and insight they crave at a time that suits them.

Email Design & Deployment

Email plays a pivotal role in both sales and marketing strategies. Utilising the HubSpot platform and its workflow technologies, we’re able to develop bespoke email marketing campaigns that seamlessly integrate into your content marketing plan. Our approach is tailored to your target audience, as we analyse your data we can align your strategy to maximise your marketing & sales opportunities.

Lead Scoring & Nurturing

We make use of lead scoring strategies to ensure your sales teams are always in contact with the highest quality and most relevant leads. This ensures that leads are progressed to sales reps only when they are qualified. Qualified leads are determined by a variety factors including the individuals market fit, the content they are consuming and the level of interest they have demonstrated.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our consultants look at the key metrics following the deployment of automated campaigns (contact engagement, email opens, click-through rate, etc.) in tandem with end of the funnel conversion rates to understand which actions are helping lead growth. This takes into account User Experience (UX), Full Funnel Optimisation, and A/B Testing.

Sales Prospecting Automation

As sales and marketing continue to become more aligned, the role of the sales rep now, more than ever, relies on marketing automation. We work with sales teams on their outbound approach to ensure targeted leads are connected with personalised emails that get a response. Our Sales Enablement support includes, but is not limited to, Automated Email Sequences, Content & Email Notification Reporting, Visitor IP Tracking, Marketing & CRM Integration.

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