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5 Pay Per Click Tips for an Experienced PPC Manager

If you're a PPC manager you can learn how to improve your PPC results with the following PPC tips, aimed at experienced PPC managers who need to get better results from their PPC campaigns.

PPC Toolkit for SaaS & Technology CompaniesRemove low-performing keywords and add negative keywords 

It is important to regularly review your PPC campaigns and remove low-performing keywords that can undercut the performance of your PPC campaign. Look for poorly performing keywords that have low clicks, low impressions and poor conversions. 

You also need to add negative keywords to your pay-per-click campaign, so that your ads are not being shown for keywords or key phrases that may be irrelevant and waste your PPC budget. Even though these keywords may result in click-throughs to your site, they may not be targeted leads. 

Create dedicated landing pages

When you create your PPC ad content, it is a good idea to create dedicated landing pages for the adverts to link to that are informative and responsive. After all, your landing pages can play a critical part in your PPC performance.

Ensure any pay-per-click ads that link to a generic page, like a homepage, are instead given their own dedicated landing page that is more relevant to the ad content and will more likely encourage conversions.

Experiment with new advertising content

If you have low-performing ad copy, create some brand-new ad content to replace it. Create ad copy that uses relevant keywords and really targets the user's problem. You should also include numbers in your PPC ad copy.

Experimenting with different headlines and descriptions in your ad copy will allow you to discover new ways to motivate your audience to click on your ad. Once your new PPC ad copy is in place, monitor it to see how it is performing. 

Review your account structure

Even if you're an experienced PPC manager, your online advertising accounts can easily become disorganised. It is a good idea to look at your Google Ads account structure regularly, to review your ad campaign and ad group organisation. 

Why not create a regular schedule for auditing and updating your account structure as regular maintenance of your ad campaigns and ad group organisation could keep your PPC management up to date and dramatically improve your PPC results. 

Get a professional PPC audit

If you've made all the above updates to your PPC campaign, but haven't seen much of a change in your PPC performance, how about trying a professional PPC audit that could point out the weakness in your online advertising campaign?

If you're a struggling PPC Manager, Digital Media Stream offers a free PPC audit that could provide a fresh take on your pay-per-click ad campaigns and allow you to see where you could make changes and improvements that you might not have thought of.

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