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Lead Generation | 3 min read

Facebook Promoted Likes - Use With Care!

Dave Watson
05 June 2013 Written by Dave Watson

Facebook advertising for lead generation is nothing new. Social media marketers and advertisers alike are well versed in the benefits and what potential results can be achieved by a good well thought out Facebook advertising campaign.

It can however, be a little complicated to set up. The reporting in the back office can send you round the bend if you don't know what your looking at. I've had many a conversation where potential clients have tried and little PPC on Facebook and got their fingers a little burnt - stating that PPC is a great way to spend a lot of money fast and have no idea what the actual ROI was! Thus meaning it generally makes sense to leave your PPC campaign to the professionals to make sure you maximise your return, works for us - we provide this very service to our clients!

Facebook obviously aren't silly and they want (or need) to make it as easy as possible for you to use the marketing platform. The easier it is, the more people will use and spend! Win win! Now they appear to cracked it a few months back when they launched the "Promoted Likes" functionality available to page admins - which is a very simple 3 step process to start advertising your page!

It allows you set a relatively low daily budget, give limited targeting based on your business location, a quick review and your done! Your budget gets spent in impressions and you should see you page likes increase - it works. You may sit back watch your spend increase and your page likes increase and be very happy, that is if page likes is all your after.

You really need to use Facebook promoted likes with care. We've come across a few circumstances where a page admin has used Facebook Promoted likes to get more likes, and was very happy with the results. That is until upon further inspection they realised that a lot of the new likes they were getting for the page were from 13 -17 year olds who although were based in targeted area. They weren't exactly the key demographic for potential new business that they wanted to be targeting.

This could stem from the fact that some of the actual page settings may be set to default, simply because when the page was first set up they weren't sure what to set. I've seen many pages that were set up by someone internally to an organisation who was "good on Facebook and gets it" so they were tasked with it, no real guidance, strategy or goals, these choices can impact you further down the line.

Specifically in this case the age restrictions of the page, now I'm pretty sure that unless your product or service is age sensitive most page admins leave this to default - which as it stands is 13+

So given the very simple 3 step process described above Facebook has done nothing wrong, you have set your budget, you have targeted a location and your page settings have been left to default so available to anyone over the age of 13. The problem here is pretty obvious - you pay for the clicks and impressions, you get the likes - but if a large proportion of likes are from some one who will never buy from you, or at least not for the next 2, 3, 4 or 5 years - then would you still spend you advertising budget on them now? Probably not!! Unless you're playing the very long game!

It won't always be the case and there are products, apps, games and services that will be targeted to the full age spectrum of the Facebook user base. The fact is however, if your's isn't one of them, then I'm sure you don't want waste your money on clicks or impressions to a demographic that isn't a potential client.

The age restrictions setting allows you to specify upto 21+, and our testing to date shows that if you have this set higher then default the 3 step promoted like won't allow anyone lower then this restriction to see the advert. However you may not want to set an age restriction on your page so low, you just may not want to target and spend advertising budget in this way as I'd say a younger audience is more likely to click on like and use your allocated spend. You need to be aware of the impact it has on your advertising spend so please if using Facebook promoted likes - use with care! If you want to target specific detailed demographics create your own advert instead of the 3 step prompt.

Want to engage your audience through social media without resorting to promoted Likes? Check out our eBook; an essential guide to setting up a Facebook company page; we tell you how to get started by guiding you through the setup process before suggesting some excellent features you may not know existed on Facebook!

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