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Google Consent Mode v2 & HubSpot Integration: All You Need To Know

Google Consent Mode helps advertisers reach users in the EEU and the UK while respecting their data choices. It allows websites to tell Google what users prefer regarding their data, following the rules and policies.

In digital advertising, it's tough when users say no to data collection, often meaning less money for advertisers.

To fix this, Consent Mode guesses what might have happened even if users say no. It uses smart technology to look at how people move around websites and makes educated guesses to fill in the missing pieces. This keeps your data reliable and useful.

Consent Mode has been found to get back about 65% of the missing data from ads when users don't agree. 🚀

What's changing?

🚨 Important: From March 2024, Google will need everyone to use Consent Mode v2 for certain features, especially for people in Europe and in the UK.

If you advertise to people in the EEA or UK, it's a good idea to use Consent Mode v2 or upgrade if you're already using the older version.

Starting March 2024, Google will progressively require the use of Consent Mode v2 for audience personalization and measurement features in its services, particularly for European users.

If your business advertises to users in the EEA or UK, it's advisable to activate Consent Mode v2 or switch to it if you're currently using the older version.

How to activate Google Consent Mode V2

Activating Google Consent Mode is straightforward if you are using cookie partners. The autoblocking feature, set as default, automatically activates and manages Google Consent Mode v2 for Google services-related scripts, requiring no extra effort from you.

Here is a list of CMP partners. All of them have instructions on how to implement it in an easy way.

However, if you aren’t using one of the partners above and you are using Hubspot, continue to read below to find out how to implement Google Consent Mode V2.

How to activate Google Consent Mode V2 with HubSpot

HubSpot isn't on Google's list of CCMPs with approved integrations, for this reason, many HubSpot users have been confused about how to actually implement Google Consent Mode V2 before March 2024.

The good news is that HubSpot opened a private beta for Consent Mode v2.

If you'd like to take part, you need to request access through the 'Product Updates' section in your HubSpot account by following these steps.

HubSpot is limiting daily acceptance into the beta, so there might be a potential delay in approval.

According to HubSpot, in late March all accounts will be able to opt into the feature directly.

Please note that during the beta, if you wish to apply Consent Mode v2 to HubSpot's Google integrations, you will need to do so through your account settings: 

If you are interested in a custom implementation of Consent Mode v2, please see the bottom of our developer documentation here

Stay tuned for more updates!

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