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The ultimate combination of Digital Services for unmatched B2B Lead Generation.

Modern challenges demand modern solutions. Combining all elements of effective lead generation, our digital service offering is delivered by an exceptional team with a shared commitment to achieving extraordinary results. 

B2B Lead Generation is our forte. Over the last decade, we’ve refined our Lead Generation strategies and services to somewhat of an art. 

Blending service with creativity, performance with passion, and technology with human behaviour - you can expect a strategic partnership that truly makes a difference to your bottom line. We know what it takes to educate and nurture your prospects along the buyer’s journey, straight into your portfolio. 

Working with us will allow you to launch quicker, grow faster, get reliable results, and scale-up. 

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What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B Lead Generation is the catalyst of customer attraction, engagement, conversion and retention. Lead Generation initiates interest from a prospect and guides them down the sales funnel into ultimately becoming a customer.

In a business-to-business (B2B) environment, Lead Generation spans multiple services within Digital Marketing to support each stage of the buyer’s journey. These services work in tandem to ignite a prospect’s interest in your product or service, compels them to provide their contact details (and therefore become a lead), and finally guides them towards completing their purchase and becoming a loyal customer. 

Simply put; B2B Lead Generation is the lifeblood of the modern sales process, and both the Alpha and Omega of an Inbound sales and marketing process. It bridges the gap between marketing and sales and is considered an industry benchmark for marketing ROI.

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What Lead Generation Services are available?

A service to suit every need.

We offer a variety of strategic Digital Services which combine to produce the best results. We take the time to assess the best combination of Digital Services to meet your objectives as profitably and practically as possible, and can advise on which standalone services would offer the highest returns.













Content Marketing

Create content that converts your leads into customers. 

We’ll streamline your Content Marketing Strategy, fuel the fire to your creative campaigns and strategically plan upcoming content based on industry trends and profitable opportunities.

We assure full compliance with Best Practice Guidelines to enhance your organic traffic, keyword rankings and online visibility.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Generate more revenue with insight into buyer behaviour. 

We’ll assess, strategise, implement and improve Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) tactics efficiently and cost-effectively.

We ensure your conversion goals are met continually and profitably.

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive processes and tasks within your marketing matrix. 

We deploy Marketing Automations that work to streamline your marketing activities, increase ROI, and qualify your leads pragmatically and reliably.

Explore the potential of Email Marketing Automations, Chatflows, Workflows and more.

Pay Per Click & Paid Advertising

Capture the attention of a highly targeted audience. 

We deploy Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts that spark the attention of a very specific audience and encourage click-throughs to your landing page.

Increase your opportunity to convert more leads into paying customers with a little bit of paid spend.

Search Engine Optimisation

Enhance your website and content to attract a higher quality and quantity of organic traffic.

We’ll strategise and implement the best on-page, off-page, technical and local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to enhance your online presence and ensure your organic reach is maximised.

Tap into our expertise to amplify your organic performance and ensure sustained improvements.

Website Development & Design

Enhance the technical and visual performance and structure of your website.

We’ll ensure your website is set up for success in every aspect. Enhance your User Experience through bespoke Web Design, and ensure sound technical performance and agility through Web Development.

Transform your website into a high-performance lead generating machine through Growth-Driven Web Development & Design.

What are the benefits of using a B2B Lead Generation Agency?

Customer demands are more complex than ever; standalone outbound marketing simply doesn't measure up. Lead Generation provides the additional value customers want; it facilitates customers actively seeking you out.

Businesses looking to increase the quality and quantity of their leads while reducing the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) may want to consider outsourcing their marketing to an external specialist - more specifically B2B Lead Generation Companies or Agencies.

Partnering with a high-performing B2B Lead Generation Agency has numerous benefits. Choosing the right partner can benefit you in the following ways.

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What is HubSpot and how can it help your Lead Generation efforts?

HubSpot is an integrated marketing software platform, providing a suite of tools designed to attract prospects, convert leads and close customers.

Successful online lead generation campaigns combine a number of digital channels, tools and tactics to produce meaningful results.

HubSpot consolidates this marketing activity into a central, easy to understand dashboard which overcomes the complexity of using a number of disconnected tools.

Deploying full-funnel marketing campaigns and integrating sales activity within HubSpot provides complete visibility into which activity is producing results and which is not.

B2B Lead Generation FAQs

What is lead generation in B2B marketing?

B2B Lead Generation is the combination of Digital Services to initiate the interest of prospects, and nurture them into becoming paying customers.

In a B2B setting, a prospect becomes a lead once they divulge their contact information with the business marketing their product or service. 

Essentially, Lead Generation in B2B Marketing has one goal: convince a website visitor to share their information; this is what constitutes a lead as ‘generated’. 

How do you generate leads for services?

Service-based B2B Lead Generation campaigns place emphasis on highlighting the solutions a service provides, rather than “selling” the service. 

Content Marketing, supported by ancillary services such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Marketing Automation and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) helps to identify, engage and qualify a prospect - all before they submit their information.

More concisely, the best way to generate leads for services is to promote how the service may fix a prospect’s problems, rather than promoting the service itself.

What is lead generation process?

Our B2B Lead Generation process has been developed and refined over the last decade. Our Lead Generation Services are fully customised based on the businesses challenges and goals. 

Our process is based on 5 crucial elements of effective Inbound Lead Generation:

  • Assess base camp

We take a closer look at your website to get a clear picture of our starting point.
This includes a Site Audit as part of our SEO Service, and if you’ve included Web Development as part of your project scope, we’ll also begin assessing the best plan of action going forward.

  • Create compelling content

From landing pages and blogs to eBooks and everything in between.
Our Content Marketing Service combines SEO Fundamentals with copy that converts.

  • Spread the word 

Paid Social Advertising and Pay Per Click services help to promote your Lead Generation content.
SEO - both on-page and off-page, also helps to ensure this content reaches the right audience, and sets you in good standing with search engine spiders.

  • Seal the deal

From CTA (Call-to-Action) optimisation to form placement, we make sure your Lead Generation content is set up to convince prospects to share their contact information as effortlessly as possible.
Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service takes centre stage; once we have sufficient data, we can make data-led enhancements to increase the number of prospects who become leads.

This stage is essentially the “end goal” of most B2B Lead Generation services. The prospect has submitted their details and therefore, have become a lead. 

At Digital Media Stream, we ensure fewer drop-offs between Lead Status and Customer Status through our Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring & Lead Nurturing Services. 

We facilitate full-funnel optimisation services that intelligently nurture and qualify your leads at every stage of their journey.

This also facilitates higher retention rates, higher AOVs and more repeat purchases.

  • We show you what worked, and what didn’t

We report on all activity - regardless of how it has performed. We interpret the data and provide context to give you a full picture of how we’re working on enhancing your ROI and bringing more customers and prospects to you.

What is a Lead Generation agency?

A Lead Generation Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers a combination (or standalone selection) of digital services that work in tandem to increase inbound lead volumes.

It’s important to find a Lead Generation Agency that works within your sector - that is - a B2B setting. Business to Customer or Direct to Customer Agencies work in an entirely different way to Business to Business Agencies. 

Digital Media Stream is a proud B2B Lead Generation Agency with a decade of digital and lead generation expertise.

What is HubSpot B2B Lead Generation?

Digital Media Stream is a proud HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner.

HubSpot is an integrated marketing software platform, providing a suite of tools designed to attract prospects, convert leads and close customers. Successful online B2B Lead Generation campaigns combine several digital channels, tools and tactics to produce meaningful results. 

HubSpot consolidates this marketing activity into a central, easy to understand dashboard which overcomes the complexity of using multiple disconnected tools.

Deploying full-funnel marketing campaigns and integrating sales activity within HubSpot provides complete visibility into which activity is producing results and which is not.

Whether you’re new to HubSpot or a seasoned user (remember the old Flywheel?), our credentials and expertise within HubSpot CRM and CMS allow us to provide best-in-class, bespoke HubSpot B2B Lead Generation strategies and activities across many industries throughout the UK.

B2B Online Lead Generation Pricing

If you’re looking to generate more leads, more consistently, we can help. 

Our B2B Lead Generation Service comprises various Digital Services, each fully customised to suit your need and budget.

We’ll explore your needs and align them closely with our services to ensure you’re getting the best value for money, and the best Lead Generation results possible. 

Request a callback or book a consultation with one of our Lead Generation experts to get your customised pricing plan today. 

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Why choose Digital Media Stream as your B2B Lead Generation Agency?

We are a Manchester-based B2B Lead Generation company and proud HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner.

We offer Lead Generation Services across the UK, specialising in HubSpot Lead Generation.

Regardless of your industry, competitive landscape, budget or challenges, we have the right expertise and digital background to offer you the highest quality Lead Generation Campaigns.

Discover the power of professional Lead Generation today.


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