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Kickstart your Campaign with Online Marketing Templates and PPC Guides

Insightful Guides from Digital Media Stream Provide Useful Marketing Know-How

Do you want some quick and actionable ideas on how to accelerate your online marketing? Digital Media Stream has a range of E-books and How To Guides that could make a real difference to the way you market your company. Be guided by our expert insights across a range of subjects including inbound marketing and pay-per-click advertising. 

Because we specialise in inbound marketing, we have put together a couple of useful guides for sectors in which we have extensive experience in delivering inbound marketing campaigns, namely the recruitment and technology industries. We have run inbound marketing campaigns for several recruitment companies and technology organisations over the years, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to sharing advice on these sectors. 

Inbound Marketing Guides for the Technology and Recruitment Sectors

The aim of sharing our specialist knowledge drives us to pass on our advice on how to implement inbound marketing campaigns for recruitment and technology companies. We believe that sharing knowledge is a good thing, as it promotes best practices and ensures we are providing the best service to our customers and potential customers. Everyone involved in marketing can do with a little knowledge boost from time to time and we’re here to provide that!

Get your Inbound Marketing for Technology Companies guide and your Inbound Marketing for Recruitment Agencies guide now.New - Inbound Marketing for Technology CompaniesPractical Advice for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns 

We have also recently published a step-by-step E-book to help you with your pay-per-click advertising, entitled ‘Why aren’t my Google Ads Campaigns Converting?’ In this informative guide, our expert PPC managers share their ideas on how to improve the conversion rate of pay-per-click adverts. This free resource is aimed at all those who run PPC campaigns for themselves and need a bit of expert help. This guide is designed as a first step in improving your PPC conversion rates. 

We can also provide PPC management to those who do not want to run their own campaigns or do not have enough knowledge to do so. This way the worry about pay-per-click conversions is taken away. We can create and manage campaigns that successfully target leads, with ads designed to capture their attention and make them want to convert into customers.

You can also find this PPC guide and the two inbound marketing ones on HubSpots free resource library, where they have been approved by HubSpot as partner resources because of their expert content. 

Get your free PPC E-book Why Aren't My Google Ads Converting? today.

PPC-EbookMaking Life Easier with Marketing Templates 

In addition to our range of informative E-books, if you’re looking for ready-made templates to accelerate your marketing campaigns, we have created some useful go-to documents that will help you easily plan out your marketing activity. These include a Content Marketing Calendar and a Customer Profile Template.

Successfully marketing your company is all about planning. If you're going to create a content campaign, you need to plan when your blogs will be written and when your social media posts will go live. This enables you to ensure you're covering a wide range of subjects and apportioning resources and costs correctly. With something as simple as a Content Marketing Calendar, you can ensure that you have all your content laid out for the next few months for yourself and others to view. 

Our Customer Profile Template is another useful document that lets you set out all the information you need about a customer in front of you, for easy reference. Our Customer Profile Template for Inbound Marketing enables you to get to know whom you're targeting. You can seamlessly create buyer personas for each client with our template, helping you define your target audience, understand your ideal customer and address your audience’s needs.

Get your complimentary Content Marketing Calendar and your Customer Profile Template now.content-marketing-calendar For more advice on B2B PPC and inbound marketing strategy explore our website or contact us for a talk through your online marketing requirements. 

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