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Need a helping hand with your Content Marketing? 

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance, as the saying goes. A well-planned calendar sits at the heart of any streamlined, coordinated Content Marketing campaign built to deliver success.

Want To Create An Easy-To-Maintain Content Marketing Framework To Boost Your Online Performance? Look No Further.

The difference between a streamlined, coordinated campaign and a chaotic, improvised one is simple: organisation.

Let’s face it: the content marketing machine is a complex one. There are a lot of moving parts, and a lot of things need to happen in close harmony for your campaigns to succeed.

This is why we’ve built our content marketing calendar template for B2B - so that all the different aspects of a content marketing campaign are visible at a glance, ensuring synchronised performance and better results.

This content marketing calendar sits at the heart of all of our campaigns, both internally and for clients. It’s been built and refined over time to reflect the evolving needs of B2B content marketers.

In the calendar, you’ll find top-level content considerations - the type of content, the title, publication dates and status trackers - through to more complex aspects like keyword volume, related pillar page, user journey stage, promotion channels and more.

Taken together these things will amplify the ability of your content campaigns to perform.

Content marketing is a complex beast but one that holds enormous potential. Taking steps to plan, track and refine your campaigns ensures ongoing improvements in performance over time.

As we said, this calendar sits at the heart of all of our campaigns, and these are the campaigns our success as an agency is built on. This is your chance to tap directly into our years of expertise and experience, and to power up your campaigns.

So look no further: download our B2B content marketing calendar template and elevate your campaigns to the next level!

What’s in this Offer?

A repeatable framework, tried and tested by our own agency.

  • Content types, from text-based to rich-media - helping you ensure you're delivering the right type of content as much as the right message
  • Publication status so you can see at a glance what needs doing and when, helping you ensure you've got your finger on the pulse
  • Topic cluster and pillar page information to ensure compliance to the HubSpot methodology and boost your SEO
  • Keywords and keyword volume to ensure your content is visible in the right places, and that you're keeping your content aligned with commercial intent and generating clicks most likely to convert
  • Persona information and user journey so every content piece hits the mark
  • Links to published content for full process visibility and a centralised database of your content marketing portfolio
  • Promotion channels to track off-site engagement, shape future promotional campaigns and monitor the social performance of your content

About This Calendar

  • What's the catch? Is it really free? There’s no catch. Simply enter your details and you can download our Content Marketing Calendar template for FREE.
  • What will I get when I submit my details? We'll email your PDF Content Calendar, along with some other really useful resources - like our popular Calendar Dates and Title Tag Formulation to help you on your way.
  • What format is the calendar? Our calendar is in PDF format. You’ll be able to read it on pretty much any device without any issues.
  • Why do you need information from me? We ask for your information so that we can send you relevant information and marketing communications, based on the nature of the resource(s) you download from our site. We don’t spam, and you can unsubscribe any time. You can find our terms in full in our privacy policy.

Download Your Content Marketing Calendar

By downloading this template you tap into hours of expertise and experience. We invested heavily into ensuring this calendar is as practical and useful as possible, adding value to your Content Marketing strategy from the start.

We’re confident that this resource will help you more effectively plan Content Marketing Campaigns that attract, engage, and delight more customers.