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6 Lesser Known Features To Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Emma Ware
11 August 2015 Written by Emma Ware

With Social Media marketing changing so fast, it’s easy to see how updates can be missed. Over at their HQ in sunny California, the Facebook team (in between surfing and catching some rays) are constantly coming up with new ways to improve the user experience. This leads to new features you should be using to improve your facebook marketing strategy.
With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 lesser known Facebook features that could help drive your business goals on Facebook.

Dark Posts

While this might sound like something sinister – we can assure you it’s not!
Imagine you are running several similar sponsored ad campaigns at one time, each directed at a different target market. While one sales post on your company’s page isn’t bad – two or three within a few minutes of each other gives off a negative impression of the brand. After all, would you ‘like’ a company page who’s last 4 updates were all sales posts, published 5 minutes ago and practically identical? Probably not!

In recent research carried out by Hootsuite, they asked their social community “What do brands do on Social Media that you hate?”. It’s not surprising that ‘too much self-promotion’ was at the top of the list! That’s why the ability to hide sponsored posts from your company's page is so useful. As you can see in this screenshot below, if you use power editor to create your ad, it’s just the tick of a box but it can make a big difference to how you’re business is perceived on Facebook and your follower count.

Lesser known Facebook featuresRe-order your business tabs

Your tabs at the top of your business page help potential customers find out more about your business. With your about section, Photos, Reviews, Events, links to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest - not to mention the endless tabs you can create with software like Pagemodo make sure you’re putting what you want your customers to see first!

You want to make things as simple as possible! Just click on 'more' and then 'manage tabs'. This will allow you to drag and drop the tabs in whatever order you choose!

Lesser known Facebook features - Manage tabsResponse rates

Have you ever seen this icon on a business page?

Lesser known Facebook features - Responsive Icon

This icon has been added quite recently by Facebook; It tells the users how fast they are likely to get a response from a business if they message them (or even if they will get a response at all!) This may seem like a small change to your Facebook page but in todays world of texting, social media and smartphones, customers want an answer to their question and they’re not prepared to wait for it! This icon will encourage potential customers to get in touch with you and reach out. Once they’ve opened a dialogue you can wow them from there on in!
To get this icon you’ll need to respond to 90% of messages and maintain an average response time of 5 minutes for all replies sent.
To find out more about the page responsiveness icon – head to Facebook’s help section here!

Comment Ranking

When you post onto Facebook, you’ll hopefully be getting lots of engagement - especially if your content is a sponsored post! By default, the order of the comments on your post will appear with the most recent at the top but there’s a way for you to change this. Click on settings in the top right and choose the option to 'see most relevant comments by default'.

Lesser known Facebook Features - Comment ranking (settings)

Lesser known Facebook Features - Comment ranking

This will mean that your comments are ranked by engagement - the most popular comments and any ‘verified’ users comments will appear at the top. This is a great way to increase social proof and make influencers who are a fan of your company much more visible to potential customers.

Expiring Posts

Got a great special offer for a limited time? Want to promote an item about to go out of stock? This is where expiring posts can come in handy! First you must change the settings allowing you to turn on expiring posts.

Lesser known Facebook Features - expiring posts
Then when you publish content to Facebook, if you click the option highlighted in the screenshot below, you are given the opportunity to set a date for this post to expire and no longer be visible to Facebook users.
Lesser known Facebook Features - expiring posts
You can avoid any confusion or frustration using this. For example, set a special offer post to expire the day the offer does, or if you’re running low on an item, set it to expire when you expect the item to be out of stock!
Don’t worry - although the post disappears from user visibility, as the page manager you’ll still be able to view it and see it in your Facebook insights dashboard. Think about how you can utilise this feature for your business.

Save your links for later

Often, searching for content can be the most time consuming part of Social Media management. You want to share content that’s both engaging and relevant to your audience. When you’re searching through Facebook for content, did you know you have the ability to save content for a later date - allowing you to build a stock of relevant content for your audience? This helps you better utilise your time and when you’re having a busy day or week, it saves all that time trawling though content. To save an article, simply click the arrow on the top right hand corner of the post and click 'save' as shown in the screenshot below. To view what you have saved, go to your homepage, click 'Saved' on the left hand panel of your homepage. Saving links can only be done in your personal profile however.

Lesser known Facebook features - save links

What’s next?

As we now know, Facebook are constantly tweaking, updating and testing new features on their platform. With that in mind, here’s something to look out for next.

Recently, reports are surfacing that Facebook is in the process of testing a new feature. Some users have reported seeing ‘suggested topics’ appearing in their status update boxes. This is good news for us Social Media managers, as this is yet another way for us to look out for trending content relevant to our business, keep up to date with current news and of course, keep track of the #NationalDayOfThis and #InternationalDayOfThat! Watch this space!

If your company is interested in increasing the time you spend on social media, a great place to start is by setting up a company page.

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