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B2B Social Media Marketing & Optimisation

Social Media Marketing is more than just likes and follows. Social platforms are powerful tools utilised to build brand identity, amplify content to your target demographic and engage with other brands in a meaningful way.

Social Media Strategy

Our experts work with your company’s key stakeholders to define a social media strategy that aligns with your overall business success metrics. We understand that every company has unique objectives, that’s why we formulate a tailored framework which considers your ideal buyer persona and the metrics that will make a difference to your bottom line. Whether you’re looking for a fully or part-managed service to maximise the return from your company’s social media platforms, we can help.

Social Media Management & Monitoring

Once the framework is agreed upon, we work tirelessly to ensure that your brand is exposed to the right people with the right messaging. Utilising social monitoring technologies, we’re able to find mentions of your brand and understand your competitors activity. Additionally, we’ll proactively identify opportunities to maximise timely events and, if necessary, can provide assistance with any situations that may require crisis management.

Social Media Advertising

Amplifying content, driving engagement and extending social reach are key components within a social media strategy – this can be achieved organically or through paid avenues. Paid social advertising allows you to hyper-target your key customer demographic and is an effective way of generating new customers and nurturing previously engaged prospects through the buyer journey.

Social Reporting

Sustained growth and optimal results can only be achieved via constant analysis and campaign scrutiny. Our diligent team delve into the numbers, poring over every detail to ensure your campaigns go beyond social likes and follows. We measure the impact of our work against traffic, leads, pipeline and sales using a variety of tools from Google Analytics to specific pipeline attribution reports in Hubspot. This all results in full client transparency.

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