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increase in conversion rate.


increase in free trials recorded from the paid channel.


increase in the average session duration.

The challenge

At the time, AppogeeHR lacked a dedicated PPC Manager to oversee their online advertising account. This absence of experienced personnel hindered their ability to optimize their pay-per-click budget.

Despite generating over 5,000 sessions per month from their Google Ads campaigns, the results fell short of expectations.



Our approach

When we took over the AppogeeHR Google Ads account we reviewed all their keywords and built a new structure and set of ads for them.

Our PPC strategy included:

  • Creating new responsive search ads, as expanded text ads were not allowed anymore
  • Bidding only on relevant and profitable keywords
  • Creating fresh display campaigns targeting website visitors and a new, highly targeted audience

The results

After only three months of Google Ads management for AppogeeHR, we managed to make improvements across all their metrics. The bounce rate from paid ads decreased by 26% and the average session duration increased by 167%. This showed how the quality of the traffic had significantly improved since our Google Ads adjustments.

We also implemented a website integration between HubSpot and their own CRM, a service we are able to offer because of our in-depth experience with Custom Integrations. By doing this we enabled AppogeeHR to see the actual number of trials and deals recorded from their paid ads.

This Custom Integration has been a great achievement, because before Digital Media Stream took over the management of their PPC account, AppogeeHR had never been able to accurately measure the ROI of their campaigns.


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