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Top Tips from a Website Design and Development Company


Keep your homepage simple and clutter-free.

Simplicity and ease of navigation are essential when it comes to modern website design. A short introduction explaining who you are as a company and a couple of paragraphs introducing your key people will suffice. You want your homepage to be easy to read and give an immediate flavour of what you’re about to potential customers. Anything too cluttered and overly promotional will simply put people off.

Design your site with visual hierarchy in mind.

The look and visual communication of your website is extremely important. You don’t want your website pages to be so busy and cluttered that the visitor has no idea where they should look. Visual hierarchy means that the design elements on the page should be organised so the eye is guided to consume each design element, in the order of intended importance. Visual hierarchy lets users know where to focus their attention.

Include easy-to-read and informative website content.

The written content of your website pages is another key element that will bring potential customers to your website and keep them interested when they get there. In other words, your written website content needs to be optimised with the right keywords to bring people to your site via SEO. It also needs to be written well, so that it encourages people to engage with what you’re saying and want to read more. Google is increasingly prioritising people first content, in other words, your website content should primarily be written to please website visitors and not the search engines.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate.

As well as being written well and looking good visually, your website should be easy to navigate. In other words, the top menu on your site should have a clear drop-down listing of pages. Don’t include too many pages, otherwise, that might overwhelm people. When visitors reach a page from your drop-down menu, make sure to include links within the page so that they can then easily navigate to other pages around the site and back to the homepage.

Make your web design mobile friendly.

One of the main things to consider in website design these days is whether your website design is mobile-friendly. Don’t make pages too long, as when they come to being displayed on a mobile device they will look unmanageable. Also, consider how your images might look on a mobile device, simple and easy-to-view images are best so they can be seen when viewed on a smaller We hope that you have found our website design tips useful. If you would like help with optimising your current website or designing a new website, get in touch and we can discuss our website design services with you.