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Finding the Right Website Design and Development Services


Web Design and Development Services

If you’re looking for both website design and development services you’ll most likely look for a web design and development company that can not only design your website but also develop it into a fully functioning and optimised online marketing tool for your business.

Within online marketing companies, web design and development are commonly two services that are offered in tandem. After all, there is little point in having a beautifully designed website created if it cannot be taken live by a developer and start bringing you new customers!

The good news is that designers and developers often work in tandem within an agency and within some agencies, there are even people with the skills to do both. This means web design and development companies can be a one-stop shop for all your website needs. So if you require a new and fully functioning website you’ll only need one agency, if you choose the right one!

Website Design and Development Agencies: What to Look for

Expert web design and development services are not hard to find if you look for the right things when selecting an agency. Firstly check that the agency has some good case studies and examples of work they have done for previous clients. In-depth case studies with plenty of good images of web pages that they've designed will give you a good idea of their capabilities.

Then look for testimonials. Client quotes will reveal what has been said about the website work that has been done for their previous customers. Look for a name and company on the client quote, you can then be sure (with a little research) that a real person has been quoted. If it is a recent quote, then go to the website of the company in question and hopefully you should see the design they’ve been talking about, right there in place!

Thirdly, if you’re looking for a quality website design and development company, then look at the agency’s own website to see if they have a creative eye for website design and an understanding of usability. There is little point in employing the services of a web design agency that themselves have a poorly functioning and predictably designed website. 

Look for a contemporary design and functional style, if this is lacking then you should question whether the web design and development company in question is credible. Even if the website has been designed by someone else outside their company, no one that works in web design should have a poor website. At a minimum, a design and development agency's website should not look old-fashioned or contain out-of-date information.web-design

The Importance of Quality Website Content 

As well as the layout, the written content of websites is also important. This means clear and easy-to-follow page content and other written content such as blogs. Websites that are regularly updated with new content will reveal that the design company you're interested in is keen to optimise both their site and their industry reputation. Look for blogs that showcase their knowledge of the website design and development industry.

Modern websites should also have user experience in mind (UX), which is a design that takes into account the user's journey around the website. Design agency websites should be optimised with quality SEO content and call to action (CTAs). No two websites are the same and there is no magic formula to achieving a successful website, but there are certain things a website must contain to be contemporary.

Achieving a modern website is not a difficult formula but a few design and development rules must be followed for basic functionality. A clear and navigable website menu and CTAs in the right places are essential elements. From the top menu, you should easily be able to locate the pages you want and you should find a clear call to action at the top and bottom of the page.

Finding an agency that displays their knowledge of the basics in design functionality by having these elements on their own site is an essential first step to finding the ideal website design and development company for you. Remember to keep all these different elements in mind when you look through the website of your chosen design agency, after all, their own website is like their shop window and should therefore reflect their best design skills to entice window shoppers and reassure returning customers.

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