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SEO | 4 min read

SEO Actions that Generate Leads for Financial Advisors

06 October 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

There are many ways that financial services firms can get noticed. Between SEO, link building, and the rest there are myriad ways to stand out from the competition.

One of the best, however, is SEO. Improving visibility and putting yourself right before your audience has huge benefits, and has demonstrably shown exponential growth for businesses big and small.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few expert SEO tips that are proven to boost your visibility and get you found. Here they are.

1. Core Keywords

2. Competitor Research

3. Title Page Keywords

4. Subheadings

5. Internal Links

6. External Links

1. Target a small number of core keywords

Less is more here, so do some research and highlight a central keyword you can focus on and optimise for. It has to speak for your core services, across the board, and it should be something you know your target audience are searching for. Again, research is vital.

You can do this with a whole bunch of tools, from Google Keyword Planner to SEMRush. Look for high searches, low competition - this tactic is the golden formula for SEO success.

One more thing, implementing a ‘pillar and cluster’ system for your SEO strategy has many benefits. You can learn more about it, here.

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2. Research your competition

To keep ahead of the race and ensure you’re in pole position, you have to keep an eye fixed firmly on those to your left, and to your right: the competition, in other words.

When you’re doing some recon on the competition, take note of the kinds of keywords they’re optimising for. Are they long-tail? Short-tail, or more transactional?

Look to the title tag, the URL, and the body of the text. Here you’ll see some common phrases - your keywords. One more thing - it’s best to do this task in ‘incognito mode’. The reason for this stealth-mode is that we don’t want Google to use our past search history to influence what we see on the search results page. It wouldn’t be a true representation otherwise.

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3. Ensure your keyword is in the page title

We shouldn’t really have to say this tip, but we will anyway - make sure your keyword is in the page title!

It’s one of the prime ranking factors, and lets visitors know what the page is going to be about. This term, in terms of both SEO and general user experience, is the golden ticket to search engine success. Financial advisors - take note!

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4. Place the keyword in your subheads

Once again, subheadings are a great deciding factor for how Google ranks you.

It also provides a helping hand for those skim-reading your blog posts. Yes, we know that you would rather your visitors savour every word but for the most part that’s not the reality. Your headers are possibly more important than you know!

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5. Don’t forget about internal links

You need to promote your wider content, as it not only distributes your knowledge and lets visitors know that you’re authorities on the subject - it also helps to spread some of that link juice across your domain.

So, when you’re writing content for your financial advisory firm, keep in mind related content. Ask yourself “have I written something similar in the past?” or, “do I have something that’s already written and reinforces my point?”

You should also go back and edit older posts to include links to the new content you’ve written.

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6. And get external links!

This point is the big one! Google will judge your site on the kinds of sites who link to yours - if they’re more authoritative and with a higher DA (domain authority), then the Google gods will deem your site worthy of higher positioning.

Think of it like this: you can spend all day talking about how good your content is (with internal links) but people will start to really take notice when the bigger players start talking about how good your content is.

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With just a few of the above tips in tow, you can begin life as a financial advisor afresh with some expert SEO know-how. These are basic, all-encompassing tips. If you’d like to dive deeper into the subterranean depths of the SEO world, we have a blog post just for you.

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