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HubSpot marketing software update: snippets

What are 'HubSpot Snippets'?

Everything is moving faster. With more emails, texts, social posts and chatbots on what seems to be another new platform every week, us Sales and Marketing folk are always appreciative of anything that can save us some time!  

HubSpot snippets are short, reusable text blocks or 'canned responses' that will help automate written conversations that sales, marketing and customer support use on a daily basis.

  • Marketing reps: How often do you write the same email to your prospects?
  • Sales reps: I bet you update contact records with similar notes all the time such as 'left voicemail', 'call back in 48 hours', or 'Good call, send through product brochure', etc.
  • Customer support: Realistically, how many types of support requests have you already answered before? I bet you have a long list of FAQs. 

Snippets cut out the unnecessary process of using 'copy and paste' or creating email templates that you have to edit and waste your daily click allowance on!

There are a wide range of scenarios where snippets can help and we have a created a video (below) to run through some sample use cases. We have also created a list of all the canned response scenarios we can think of :)

Hubspot Snippet Demo

List of Snippet Scenarios

We have covered a couple of areas within the HubSpot marketing software in the demo video where you can utilise the snippet functionality, but here is a list of 12 scenarios which you can use as a checklist to get you on your way:


  • CRM: In company, contact or deal records
  • Response to Inbound Leads
  • Setting tasks in the CRM
  • Completing meeting notes
  • Creating reminders in the contact record
  • Webinar dial in details
  • Email templates
  • Giving company directions
  • Providing contact details
  • Meeting agendas
  • Knowledge based articles
  • FAQs

Let us know any HubSpot related questions, we'll be happy to help!