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How To Justify HubSpot Pricing to Your Boss

Hopefully you have evaluated the numerous software platforms available. And if HubSpot still seems like the perfect fit, how do you go ahead and justify the HubSpot pricing to upper management?

Certainly HubSpot isn't the most expensive solution, but it still requires an initial and ongoing monthly cost and if you work in an environment where all costs need to be justified where do you start?How To Justify HubSpot Pricing To Your Boss

The immediate challenges without HubSpot

Perhaps the best way to justify it, is to demonstrate how it integrates with your marketing and sales teams.  You can also read our article on 30 reasons to use Hubspot.

A good start would be to explain the benefits of integrating into one marketing platform. Your alternative to single integration will always be more expensive as it often involves multiple platforms catering for press releases, web management, email marketing content and copywriting. You might also be reliant on outsourcing things like PPC, SEO and other forms of traditional marketing.

And when you are managing all of this within a small team it makes sense to be able to package all of your hard marketing work in one easy HubSpot-shaped report where targets and results can all be monitored.

HubSpot offers an all in one marketing solution simply by bringing together everything you need to grow your business; content creation, landing pages, email and lead nurturing, social media, marketing analytics, SEO and marketing automation.

Using HubSpot to monitor your marketing success

Successful marketing means more leads, more traffic and increased ROI. You can only do this when the right people are targeted and the right leads are coming in. But how can you measure this if you don't have the right CRM system in place?

With a platform like HubSpot your results are there for all to see highlighting the areas for improvement allowing you to compare the results of your targeted campaigns in terms of content, landing pages, email automation and lead nurturing.

HubSpot support

If there is one standout way in which HubSpot separates itself from the field, it's through its support. When you choose to go with HubSpot, your package includes some of the best resources letting you to access every aspect of your inbound marketing strategy. Leaving you no excuse in not getting the results the HubSpot pricing justifies.

Choose between Academy where you can watch training videos and access valuable resources as well as watching HubSpot projects in action.

When you call the support team for advice you can use their call back service, where you type in your query and a few minutes later a support team member will have researched your query and checked on a solution before calling you back. Meaning you can carry on working without 'holding the line' while they busy themselves with finding your account and talking about the weather. Spending less time on the phone with customer service is always preferable to being on hold listening to Justin Bieber's latest warble.

Still not convinced?

See what HubSpot customers say
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A 2016 research study on the ROI using HubSpot's marketing software revealed some convincing numbers:

  • x4 more website visits within a year
  • x3 more leads per month with a year
  • 72% saw an increase in sales revenue in their first year.

Furthermore when these results are broken down into Traffic, Leads and Sales they make for even more impressive reading:


  • 92.3% of customers experienced increased in traffic
  • 29.8% of customers reported an increase of more than 100% traffic
  • 85% of customers saw traffic increase within 7 months.


  • 92.7% of customers experienced an increase in leads
  • 38.4% of customers reported an increase of more than 100% in their leads
  • 83.9% of customers saw leads increase within 4 months.


  • 49.2% of customers experienced a higher leads-to-sale conversion rate
  • 49.7% of customers saw increased sales within 7 months.

Effective marketing is critical for the growth of a business. There is no single tool that can make your marketing successful yet there are many stand alone products available that can help with your marketing efforts. What makes HubSpot unique is the combination of having all of these tools in one place allowing your marketing to create, develop, share and monitor all from one place.

It won't replace your marketing strategy or do the work for you, but it will help you achieve your goals quicker.

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