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3 Things You Should Ask a Growth-Driven Design Agency

Choosing an agency to redesign your website is no small task. In fact, many businesses find that they spend month-upon-month chatting to a whole cast of design managers, trying to find the perfect match.

When you’re looking for specialists in Growth-Driven Design (GDD), it’s even more important that you find the dream agency for your firm.

With a more innovative, user-centric approach, the benefits of GDD can revolutionise how you market to your customers. With an expert GDD agency behind you, you’ll soon be converting visitors with a stellar website.

So, when you’re looking for a new growth-driven design agency, here are the questions you should be asking them:

1. Are they GDD Certified?

2. Is GDD Part of Their Agency's Philosophy?

3. Do They Integrate Well With Marketing and Sales?

1. Are They GDD Certified?

As you set out on the search for a Growth-Driven Design agency, this is the lead question. Enlisting a team of expert web designers with GDD certification gives you a lead generation asset to help you carry out your online growth strategy.

An agency backed by GDD certification from HubSpot is one you want to work with. These certified designers have passed all the required stages of the certification and have been given the green light to work on your website.

Think of this not just in terms of GDD certification, but practical application in general. Your website overhaul may require specific expertise beyond that symbol on a certificate. When scouting new agencies, look at their credentials.

Remember that while each agency you look at may be GDD certified across the board, each are likely to have their own identifiable skills that set them apart from the rest. Within a GDD team, you’ll find developers, UX strategists, even members of the inbound marketing team. Know the components of what they can bring to your design package, and how it can help your lead generation mechanics.

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2. Is GDD Part of Their Agency’s Philosophy?

As well as an agency being qualified and well-versed in growth-driven design, you want its teachings to permeate across the agency as a whole. This means it must be steeped in the agency philosophy and really immerse itself in what GDD stands for.

This may mean:

  • Continuously learning about new innovations within their industry in terms of best practice for web design
  • Proactive in solving the problems of their clients, bringing in other departments (i.e. inbound marketing or inbound sales) to assist
  • Empathetic to the user experience
  • Presenting case studies where they have successfully applied GDD methods
  • Applying the methods of GDD for their own website

Things to look for in a growth design agency

You want to ensure that the agency firmly believe in the methods of growth-driven design, and have subsequently put them into practice. Otherwise, you could be looking at an outfit that talks a good game, but can’t back it up in practical application.

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3. Do They Integrate Well With Marketing and Sales?

It’s so important that you find an agency that:

  • Works according to GDD principles and applies them to your site
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing and sales campaigns.

Agencies must ensure that their use of GDD complements your marketing efforts. Here are a couple of things you can gain from this winning combination.

3.1. It helps prevent bottleneck situations

We’ve all been there: You realise that some aspect of your site isn’t working as well as you’d like. It’s a definite weak spot that needs to be remedied ASAP.

However, your budget won’t allow and you’re not due another redesign for at least another year. It looks like you’ll have to make do with this flaw until you’re due a complete overhaul, by which time you may have spotted other weak spots.

Why settle for a sub-par website? Growth-driven design integrated with inbound marketing (particularly with content) affords the time and resources to quickly implement changes to fix weak spots and improve the site gradually.

3.2. You can improve your buyer’s journey

The gradual, continuous nature of GDD allows you to reflect on website metrics and user engagement reports to better understand your buyer’s journey. With this knowledge, you can improve your conversion pathways and turn visitors into customers.

Many brands are finding it harder to generate enough web traffic, arouse user interest and nail those leads. This is because they haven’t brought marketing into the process. Aligned with inbound marketing, GDD is better positioned to reach a thorough understanding of their buyer, the current user experience and their sales funnel.

Without complete cohesion between growth-driven design and your company’s marketing efforts, you may miss out on the extraordinary benefits GDD can offer.

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With the above tips in tow, you can start speculatively looking for agencies with whom you can collaborate on a superb GDD campaign. Through research, you can come to a thorough understanding of an GDD agency’s:

  • GDD certifications
  • Practical application of the methodology
  • Integration with inbound marketing

With clear communication and a collaborative process, your GDD rollout will give you a new perspective on what your web presence can create.