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Preview your Google Ads without using Google Search

Today we are going to show you how you can preview your ads directly on the Google Ad platform, without the need to use Google Search. This blog is designed as an accompaniment to our PPC training videos, but can also be read as a stand-alone blog.

Learn how to Preview your PPC Ads without Google Search

Watch the PPC training video here:


If you want to see how your ads appear on the search results, it's better to use a tool on the Google Ads platform rather than Google Search. This is because you will see exactly the same results, but the results won't affect your performance stats. Like, for example, impressions.

The Definitive Google Search Ad Optimisation Cheatsheet

  1. So once you're in Google Ads go to 'Tools and Settings' in the top menu. From there click 'Ad Preview' and you will land on the ad preview page. Here you can select a specific keyword, so you can see whether your ad is going to appear for that specific keyword and then you can select the location, the language and the device.
  2. So if you search for the keywords 'analytics tools', for example, Google is going to show you if your ad is showing for that specific key phrase. If the ad is not showing, it means you are not using those keywords, or you are using the keywords in the wrong way.
  3. So on the 'Results' tab, Google will show you all the recommendations and it will tell you why your ad is not showing on Google. The 'Preview' tab shows you what your ad will look like if it does appear. So this is the best way to get an idea of what your PPC ad looks like in the search results, without actually using Google search. 
  4. This ad preview tool is really useful for analysing your ad performance and is also free to use. So we highly recommend using this to check if your ad is showing in specific locations and for specific keywords, as well as for all devices.

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