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Organise all your Performance Max Assets in One Place


If you want to get the most out of your Google Ads spend, you probably want to run more than just one ad campaign at a time. PPC professionals typically set up multiple campaigns, ad groups and variations. With all these different campaigns going on, there is a lot to organise if you are going to keep on top of your online advertising inventory.

Performance Max (PMAX) is a new PPC tool that allows you to maximise the success of having multiple online ad campaigns. PMAX allows you to access all of your Google Ads inventory from a single source. Designed to complement your keyword search campaigns, PMAX is designed to help you find more leads across all of Google’s Display channels including YouTube, Discover, Gmail and Maps. 

Every Google Ads campaign is likely to include different copy, calls-to-action, offers and destination URLs that align with the searcher's stage in the sales cycle. Keeping track of all of these ad content variations can be difficult, especially if you have many campaigns running at once. Have you ever wondered how best to manage all this ad campaign content? 

In order to manage all of your Performance Max assets, a structured spreadsheet where you can store and refer back to all the information could make a real difference. Often PPC Managers will build campaign structures directly in Google Ads, which is not best practice. Your Google Ads Performance Max campaigns will really benefit from having a dedicated organisation tool, as you’ll be able to see and compare all your ad content at a glance and share it with team members or your client. 

A Place for all your Performance Max Assets 

At Digital Media Stream we have created a useful PMAX campaign spreadsheet to help you organise all the inventory for your Google Performance Max campaigns. Whether you run PPC campaigns yourself, or you manage them for several accounts, this PMAX ad copy template will ensure that every campaign you launch is set up and managed correctly.

This Performance Max Google Ad campaign spreadsheet will help you to:

  • Align each of your ad campaigns with the proper stage in the searcher's journey - awareness, consideration or decision stage.
  • Break down what each line of copy your ad should include and which keywords it should contain.
  • Catch money-wasting mistakes. For example, not excluding cross-group negative keywords or breaching Google Ads character limits.
  • See the results of your Google Ad campaigns and the business impact they have.

Perfecting your Performance Max Campaigns

Whether you're a seasoned PPC manager who just needs help organising the multiple campaigns you're running or a PPC novice who could benefit from a structured guide to campaign setup and management, this template is for you!

With this free PMAX guide, we are helping to set up a standard for pay-per-click advertising and Performance Max best practices across the industry. Watch our video that explains how the PMAX spreadsheet works and get your FREE Performance Max Campaign template here. 

At Digital Media Stream we have created several other free templates and e-books to assist you with your online marketing efforts. We believe in sharing our expert insights about PPC and digital marketing in order to further knowledge and help people make the most of their campaigns.

Visit our digital marketing resource library for more useful templates and interesting e-books that will help with your PPC campaigns. if you would like some help with your PPC, including setting up Performance Max campaigns, then contact us today. 

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