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Boost your PPC with Online Ad Platform Reviews


Making the most of each online advertising platform 

Do you run PPC campaigns on several different online advertising platforms? If you already do this or want to start, there are specific pieces of PPC advice that you need to know that is different for each platform - whether it be Google Ads help, LinkedIn Ads help, Bing Ads help or Facebook Ads help. In order to boost your pay per click it could be a good idea to get a dedicated PPC Ads Review for your online advertising platform of choice.

Because the different paid advertising platforms can suit different audiences and the varied online advertising goals that you may want to achieve, you cannot simply run a nearly identical campaign on each one. You have to first pick the platform or platforms that are best for you and get your ads optimised to be successful on each one. 

Having the knowledge about the suitability of each different paid ads platform can be tricky though if you are new to them, this is the stage where it could be beneficial to get advice from a PPC Agency that can tell you which platform would be best for your particular business needs and aims. They may ask you a series of questions about your company and PPC goals. 


What are you trying to achieve with your PPC campaigns?

The first obvious question is are you a B2B or a B2C kind of business? If your service or products are aimed at other businesses, then having your PPC ads show on LinkedIn may be more beneficial for you, as it is a business networking platform. If you are more of a business-to-consumer type organisation, then a platform like Facebook Ads might suit you better. Getting to the root of what you are trying to achieve with PPC can make things clearer.

There are no hard and fast rules however, you may already be trying out some or all of the platforms and simply want advice on how you can improve your conversions across the range. This is where the advice of a Pay Per Click Advertising Agency that has experience in implementing campaigns on all the paid ads platforms could come in useful, in order to improve what you are already doing on your selected ad platforms.  

Knowing a few dedicated PPC tips and tricks that you can apply to each advertising platform you use can make all the difference between a successful and a struggling PPC campaign. Expert advice can make you see how things are going wrong and perhaps also point out what you are doing right. The idea is to work with you and your level of knowledge to achieve your goals.

Getting expert advice on individual ad platforms 

The best way to pass on advice about the various online advertising platforms and where you may be going right and wrong with your approach is to provide an audit of your current online advertising campaigns. This way PPC managers can see where you need to make changes, by taking a detailed overview of your campaign setup. They will go through things like keyword choice and ad copy to advise where to make changes.

As Digital Media Stream we can provide free PPC reviews and in-depth audits, where we go through your campaigns step by step to see what can be improved. Alternatively, we can set you up on a new ads platform that you may not have tried before, which may achieve better results for you than the ones you are already using. Whatever direction we advise, you can be sure that you are getting help from PPC experts. 

PPC managers may also advise you to use Performance Max, a clever tool from Google that lets you manage and analyse all your campaigns in one place. At Digital Media Stream we have in-depth knowledge of Performance Max best practices and how they can make varying the ad copy and audience of your adverts easier and more transparent. 

Where to find PPC help 

We have a handy FREE eBook download that could offer some ideas on why your PPC ad campaigns may not be converting. You can also get quick advice and tips from Digital Media Stream by visiting our PPC Tips page or viewing our PPC Training Videos. 

So are you ready to power up your PPC Campaigns platform by platform?!

For a free Google Ads Review, LinkedIn Ads Review, Bing Ads Review or Facebook Ads Review just fill out the corresponding contact form or forms today! 

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