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Digital Marketing for Recruitment - Creating Content to Attract Talent


Hiring top talent today is not as easy as it used to be because employees no more just work for salaries; they expect greater employee benefits, good company culture, and a friendly and productive work environment.

Therefore, competition to hire talented employees has increased tremendously. And to survive in this competition, companies need to make substantial efforts towards employer branding and build a credible employer reputation to become the first choice of their ideal candidates.

To attract the best talent, creating and optimising recruitment content should be your first step. So, I am sharing some recruitment content ideas that you can incorporate into your employer branding strategy to make your recruitment methods fool-proof and more effective than ever. Read on.

  1. Description of Your Company’s Culture – Content for the recruitment website or career page is incomplete without a description of your company’s culture. So, if you have some values or initiatives that you are proud of, feel free to flaunt them on your website. It’s one of the most prominent ways to show your culture For example, if you strictly maintain transparency between employees and the leaders in your organisation, then make sure to add it to the website.
  2. Infographics – Job seekers who are actively looking for opportunities may be going through hundreds of websites every day. And they are very likely to not read chunks of content. So, present your recruitment content using infographics –visually appealing and consumable.
  3. Podcasts – Embed short 5-minute podcasts with job descriptions to give candidates explaining what the job would require them to do. You can also provide an insight into the work culture in your organisation through this podcast.
  4. Photos and Videos of Team Events – Glimpses of office and team events are a great way to give candidates a peek into life at your organisation. So, make sure to not only add them to your career page but also to your social media platforms.
  5. Employee Testimonials – Content for the recruitment website page must always have employee testimonials. Ask your present and past employees to rate your organisation and share their experience working with you, and post them on your career page or website.
  6. Chats with Team Members – The candidates would want to know what it’s like working in your organisation. So, let your employees tell it to them. You can post videos of your employees with chats and discussions. You can ask them questions such as “how long have you been working here?” or “what’s the best part of working in this organisation”?
  7. Office Tour – Record a short video tour of your office and post it on the recruitment website or career page. What’s important is not to stage it. Let it be imperfect. It will undoubtedly help you present your office culture honestly. And that’s what the candidates want to see.
  8. Live Video Calls – Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, offer an excellent opportunity to go live. You can leverage it by answering the questions candidates may have about internships, the application process, interviews, etc. L’Oreal is a great example. The company conducts live video chats on Facebook to answer the questions people have about interviewing with L’Oreal. 

Getting Started

There is an immeasurable amount of content that you can experiment with, such as web blogs, guest posts, slide shares, social media content, quizzes, surveys, you name it. What matters is how you approach these recruitment content ideas. So, here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Reuse the Existing Content – Reusing existing content will save you time, cost, and effort. You can hire a professional to remould the content to make it consumable. You can also ask your employees for workplace content, such as photos and videos from office events and trips, and use them for recruitment marketing.
  2. Hire a Dedicated Marketing Team – Almost all companies have marketing professionals that help with mission-critical projects. But recruitment marketing requires a consistent effort throughout the year so that you can build a talent pipeline and hire the top talent. Therefore, you may have to hire a professional or a team of professionals whose single focus will be to come up with recruitment marketing ideas and promote marketing content on various platforms.
  3. Outsource Projects – If you have reliable people in your organisation that you can trust with content marketing ideas, then you can get the content created through external sources, such as freelancers and contract-based professionals. However, you will have to share clear content guidelines and document your expectations, for example, the tone of voice. 
  4. Content Curation – If you do not have a budget for hiring people or paying freelancers, you can look up content sources online that are perfect for your target audience – for example, free content templates, stock photos and videos, readymade quizzes and newsletters, etc.


Promoting Recruitment Content Online

Once you are through with content creation or at least have the first few sets, focus on promoting it online to reach your target audience. I have a few recruitment marketing tips to help you.

  • Begin with populating your career website or career page.
  • Upload web blogs and reach out to relevant websites, asking them if you can submit a guest post.
  • Leverage social media platforms. Engage actively with your audience, answer questions, run paid advertisements, etc.
  • Request your employees to reshare the company’s social media posts and recruitment content.
  • Start online forums for discussions and engage with the participants.
  • Create a LinkedIn group to share helpful content for your future candidates.
  • Market openings in your company on job posting sites.

Expectations of posting a job opening and receiving hundreds and thousands of great applications are pretty unreal. You must put in the effort to build your employer brand, and you will see that all the efforts were worth it.

Author Bio: Kelly Barcelos is a content marketing manager for Jobsoid and specializes in HR. When Kelly is not building marketing campaigns, she is busy creating content to help people hire better. As a working mom of three, she knows the importance of time management and counts on her multitasking ability to get her through her to-do lists.