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7 Best Practices For B2B Lead Generation

How do you get a complete stranger to convert into a lead?

It's one for the fundamental elements involved in your lead generation campaign. But, do you know what your best practices for B2B lead generation are?

In this guide, we share seven best practices for B2B lead generation. Read on and start learning!

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B2B Lead Gen Best Practices

1. Define your Audience

The importance of developing a buyer persona cannot be underestimated. Your customer might not be unique, but the habits that lead them to purchase probably will be. You can have the best adverts, great landing pages, a cracking blog and a user-friendly website, but if your target buyer persona is wrong then you'll be wasting a lot of time. They might enjoy your content, but they won't convert to a lead.

Developing a buyer person avoids a hit and miss marketing campaign.

2. Create Content
Now we are focussing our attention on the right buyer persona we can create the kind of content they want. Great content offers value to your buyer persona; a blog article can inform without being technical and eBooks are a great downloadable reference for a subject.

Content builds trust and trust means they will keep coming back to your website. Blogs, webinars, eBooks and case studies all build trust and helps convert leads into customers.

3. Optimise for Mobile
Having the right content directed at the right people is great until they realise your content isn't optimised for mobile and go somewhere else. Now this might seem straightforward but the number of people reading content on their phones just keeps growing.

Mobile optimisation is for the times when people only have a few minutes to read. Mobile has replaced the cigarette for favourite (legal) things to do with your hands whilst waiting for the bus. So make sure your content gets to the point straightaway. A few subheadings are helpful too.

Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in two seconds or less, and when they don't, they go. Don't be one of those websites.

Consider the size of the screen; is the text big enough, is it clear, is it readable? And while it's almost taken for granted these days, how annoying is it when you find a contact number that you physically have to copy and paste into your dialler? We've all gotten too lazy and the technology is easy so make it clickable!

4. Calls To Action
Ok. You have managed to keep the right kind of lead on your website for long enough now. Now's the time to exercise your CTA. This will take your lead to a capture point, where they can enter their contact details.

All we are trying to do is get them to click the button, so ensure that there is a clear value proposition and the button itself is large and clickable.

more leads generation.jpeg5. Landing Pages

Landing pages are the home of your form. This is the point that you don't want to mess up. You are so close to getting their important contact details and confirming them as leads. Your landing page must also have eye-catching headlines, a clear call to action and a simple layout.

There is a quick way to lose conversions, and asking for too much information is one of them.
When you go to the bar for a drink, you don't want to have to spend hours filling out forms, even if they are offering it for free.

However there is a balance to be made too. Just asking for an email address won't filter your leads. Forms requesting specific information on a user can help you determine which leads have the most sales potential.

6. Paid Advertising
If you have high levels of traffic to your website then great, but if you are just starting out then paid advertising can help fuel traffic.

Paid advertising is attractive because it’s measurable, and targeted. This means it’s possible to calculate both the value for how much revenue resulted from each website visit.

Key to paid advertising is your social media and Adwords.

7. Tweaking
Tweaking. Call it amending, A/B testing, or whatever, but now is the time to revisit all your fundamentals and start looking at results.

Look at what visitors are coming through and make amendments to improve the numbers visiting, signing up and converting into leads.

Follow these fundamentals to boost your lead generation conversion rates. Then re-follow this list again to maximise it!

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