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Get a useful PMAX campaign spreadsheet to help you organise your PPC campaigns with confidence!

If you run several PPC campaigns simultaneously, wouldn't it be useful to have a spreadsheet where you can plan all your ad content more easily?

Having your headlines and descriptions in one place allows you to see information at a glance and catch any potential money-wasting mistakes.

You'll find that using our PMAX campaign template will make organising your campaigns a whole lot easier.

Get the PMAX campaign template by filling out the form below.

(Please note that in order to edit the fields you must make a copy of the spreadsheet and save it in your own files, please don't request edit access to the file).

Performance Max Ad Copy Template

What’s in this offer?

This PMAX campaign template will allow you to:

  • Break down what each line of copy your ad should include and the keywords it should contain.
  • Catch money-wasting mistakes. For example any negative keywords or character limits.
  • Align each of your ad campaigns with a stage in the searcher's journey - awareness, consideration or decision stage.
  • See the results of your Google Ad campaigns and the business impact they have.

Watch our video explainer below to find out more: