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Many B2B buying experiences can still feel too automated and impersonal.


By the time a buyer contacts your business, they’re now up to 90% of the way through their buying journey (90%!!) and thoroughly researching the solution they need - including your own business offering and services.

But as B2B buyers become more and more blind to content and marketing communications in favour of their own research - how do you ensure the information they do see is timely, relevant and influential to their decision-making process?

With inspiration from the Baseone Buyersphere report, we’ve put together four initial steps to help you build an in-depth understanding of marketing to the modern B2B buyer.

New - Marketing to the Modern B2B Buyer

What’s in this offer?

A fully comprehensive guide that teaches you how to market to the modern B2B buyer:

  • Understanding purchase intentions by getting personal with personas
  • How to build a community of advocates
  • How to match your content strategy with the B2B buyer journey
  • How to Map out the core stages in your B2B Buyer’s journey
  • Why you should gain in-depth insight into your audience and their behaviours
  • Discover how to nurture your leads effectively with multiple channel touchpoints
  • Why you should effectively nurture your ‘not right now’ prospects before they go cold