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What is sales enablement?

An empowered sales team is an effective sales team, and HubSpot’s sales enablement technology empowers your people with the tools they need to succeed.

With the specialised suite of inbound sales tools, your team will drive revenue through consistent processes and well-managed relationships.

Inbound sales focuses on resolving pain points prospective customers may have, rather than cold calling random people in the hope they will be interested.

There are four key stages and the goal is to close more leads. Simple as that.

What is sales enablement

The Inbound Marketing Funnel

Uncover New Leads

Dumping raw sales data on your team doesn’t facilitate success. Providing them with a suite of tools which sift through the data for meaningful, actionable insights does. They can see new leads in real time, too, with the CRM’s live user tracking. This shows pages and products people are looking at to give your team a better idea of how to open the conversation.

Email sequences and tracking then let you target prospects with bespoke information, starting the conversation on a targeted not and tracking their user journey from the get-go.

Connect With More Leads

Find out who is a good fit for your business with lead scoring systems based on weighting of numerous demographic factors, then act on good fit leads quickly and efficiently before they slip through the cracks. Constructing a bank of optimised sales content to cultivate the interest of prospective leads is easy with the HubSpot CRM. Case studies showcase previous customer successes. Whitepapers, ebooks, and demos spotlight different aspects of your brand and its service offering.

All this adds value to a leads’ decision process. Hitting the right lead with the right message at the right time is the best way to strike the iron while it’s hot.

Close Deals Faster

A wider net to capture leads is wasted without a refined closing process. Drilling into the sales process data highlights gaps that can be addressed to close more leads: perhaps your ebook which gets lots of downloads but few conversions needs updating? Or targeting to slightly different customers? These insights feed into an ever-evolving sales process where pain points are identified and resolved, rather than ignored or glossed over.

As you collect sales data you can take advantage of predictive lead scoring to inform your sales outreach by fast-tracking leads who are most likely to convert.

Marketing automation further increases efficiency, this time by implementing automatic email sequences to engage with leads who are on their way to converting.

Manage Your Pipeline

A streamlined UX mean sales teams can jump straight into selling, rather than juggling different documents and programs. The slick visual dashboard gives at-a-glance information on every step of the sales funnel; automatic updates mean that every email, meeting, or social media post are recorded. No more hunting around for information in disparate places.

Mapping your sales process properly within HubSpot’s CRM lets you forecast more accurately and report on more targeted conversion metrics. Reports are driven by relevancy: showcasing the right data so the right decisions can be made to increase success further.

Reporting on the right stuff means your team quantify success correctly, and are better positioned to achieve and build upon that success.

Why Digital Media Stream?

As B2B marketing experts, we pride ourselves on delivering success to our clients across a range of niches and campaign budgets Our team of experienced marketers can help revolutionise your sales processes by reviewing your existing ones, standardising your reporting, helping you to qualify leads, optimising your sales content, and automating parts of your process to let your salespeople focus on selling.

We are a HubSpot Platinum partner – our ability to perform is recognised and vouched for.

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