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Mobysoft's social housing intelligence software applications help landlords protect & maximise revenues, mitigate welfare reform and embed efficiencies. Mobysoft provides time-and-cost saving solutions, which create a tangible return on investment and efficiencies for the social housing sector.

Client: Mobysoft
Sector: SaaS
Project: Time Frame: 6 Months
Platform: HubSpot Professional

Fast growing SaaS company providing enterprise solutions to the public sector wanted to ensure their sales and marketing strategies were fully aligned and easily managed from the HubSpot and Salesforce platforms.

Our contributions:

  • Strategy
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Social Media

Increase in website traffic in two months


Increase in session duration in one month


Drop in bounce rate within two months

Our approach

Utilising Digital Media Stream's website and audit service, the project progressed to creating a content strategy consisting of topic cluster development, competitor analysis, keyword research and conversion rate optimisation.

We then set out to deliver a persona-driven content schedule, CRM set-up, lead scoring, strategy checklist, and lead conversion workflows strategy.


The results

Digital Media Stream successfully delivered Mobysoft with a content schedule focused on all stages of the buyer's journey. The project saw the unification of the Salesforce CRM with the HubSpot marketing platform to ensure Mobysoft's reporting data was clear and concise and aligned the marketing and sales teams activity..

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