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Launching Disruptive Technologies Online

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Launching Disruptive Technologies Online

Kreo aims to redefine the construction industry through its unique AI Building Information Modelling (BIM) modelling software. As such a disruptive technology, they needed an online presence that would help them stand out. That’s where Digital Media Stream came in.

Web Design, Digital, AI

Kreo's BIM software promises to change the construction planning process forever. Designing, scheduling and costing a build usually take weeks, but with Kreo, you can complete the process in hours or days with AI and browser capable 4D modelling.

As a new software in a competitive marketplace, Digital Media Stream knew that launching Kreo with a stand-out website and content to match was essential for their business. By using real-time user data, we continually evolved the Kreo website to ensure it grew with the product and brand.

Following the launch of Kreo’s new website, traffic increased by 1017% in just two months. Meanwhile, Digital Media Stream's content marketing strategy saw Kreo rank on the first page of Google for one of their most relevant keywords in a matter of weeks which later became a Google featured snippet on a high-value keyword for the brand.


Sector: AI, Software

Brand: Kreo

Project Time Frame: 6 Months

Services: Strategy, Branding, Design, Development, Content

Platform: HubSpot Professional

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Let's Talk Numbers


Increase in website traffic in two months


Increase in session duration in one month


Drop in bounce rate within two months

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“In a short amount of time, Digital Media Stream were able to positively impact our organic search traffic through blogs and social media. They even got us to the top spot in organic search for one of our most desired keywords.”

Julia Valentine - Head of Marketing

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Project Conclusion

How We Helped
Digital Media Stream's marketing expertise helped Kreo in boosting and maintaining their digital online presence, finding their content ranked at the top of Google’s search results page for relevant keywords. We further helped our client to stand out among their competitors following the launch of their new website.

Next Steps
Kreo continues to evolve with the recruitment of internal marketing and sales teams to accelerate business growth. The assets that Digital Media Stream created continue to perform well for lead generation and user engagement.