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How to see Google Ads metrics in Hubspot

Maximising B2B Google Ads Performance with HubSpot: A Comprehensive Guide

Integrating Google Ads with HubSpot allows B2B companies to optimise lead generation efforts. Here's how to effectively connect and analyse your ad campaigns:

Connecting Google Ads to HubSpot

  1. Verify Connection:

    • Navigate to "Settings" in HubSpot's top menu.
    • Go to "Marketing" -> "Ads".
    • Ensure your Google Ads account is listed. If not, click "Connect Account" and follow the instructions.
  2. Admin Rights:

    • Ensure you have the necessary admin rights for the Google Ads account using the same email for both HubSpot and Google Ads.

Viewing Metrics in HubSpot

  1. Accessing the Ad Dashboard:

    • Navigate to "Marketing" -> "Ads".
    • Select your Google Ads account, date range, and attribution report.
    • Click on campaigns to view ad groups, keywords, and essential metrics such as conversion rate, cost per click, and cost per lead.
  2. Dashboard Overview:

    • The top summary provides a general performance overview, including return on investment for your campaigns.

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Using Reports for Detailed Analysis

  1. Generating Reports:

    • Go to "Reporting and Data" -> "Reports".
    • Under "Report Collection", click "Traffic" to access overall session data, new contacts, and other key metrics.
  2. Detailed Campaign Analysis:

    • Scroll to view metrics related to Google Ads under "Paid Search".
    • Click on specific campaigns for detailed performance insights.
    • Analyse terms, sessions, and contacts to refine and optimise your campaigns.
  3. Utilising UTM Parameters:

    • Click on "UTM Parameters" to see campaign details by source, medium, and content.

Optimizing B2B Google Ads for Lead Generation

By following these steps, B2B companies can efficiently manage and optimize their Google Ads campaigns using HubSpot’s robust analytics tools. This integration not only streamlines the management process but also enhances the effectiveness of lead generation efforts. Focus on high-performing keywords and metrics to ensure your Google Ads campaigns yield a positive return on investment.

Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide in the Video Below