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How to Get New Clients for Your Law Firm Using Offers

For your law firm, generating a steady flow of clients is fundamental for the growth and continuation of your business.

There are many ways you could reach new clients - through word-of-mouth referrals, social media, or even cold-calling. One great way to reach new clients for your law firm is to use what we call ‘offers’.

An offer is a piece of content that provides informative and educational content that the reader would find highly valuable and useful. If a prospect says “yes” to one of your offers by downloading, then you’ve already begun the process to attracting them as a new client.

Offers are part of the inbound marketing methodology and is an element that’s been proven to work. Why? If done well enough, the offer you give away for free provides you something in in return - normally the prospect’s contact details . The higher the perceived value, the greater your offer becomes at being outstanding and irresistible!

Read our how-to guide below to learn the best ways to create an offer and generate new clients.

Learn How to Create an Irresistible Offer

Aside from being a beacon of usefulness, what makes an offer so irresistible that a prospect must simply have it?

We’ve found that when an offer is exclusive or limited it becomes more desirable and helps a prospect to overcome any doubts about it. Much like Boxing Day Sales, everyone becomes slightly less reserved about spending all that money, simply because of the “limited time” notion.

Here are some ways in which you can create irresistible offers for your potential clients:

  • FOMO - The “Fear of Missing Out” really plays on psychological influences in that, if something is scarce or limited, the demand for it increases. Use this to your advantage when creating offers and put out ones that are limited in time and/or in quantity and people will flock.
  • Jumping on the bandwagon - Similar to being afraid of missing out, people tend to see the value in something if they see or hear other people participating. Especially if it’s a trusted individual (a friend or a colleague), people will follow suit. Another benefit of this tactic is that numbers indicate how good an offer is if you can show how many people have downloaded it is.
  • Awesome titles - If your offer is amazing, but your title is simply not then the likelihood is that no one will be drawn to your offer. The best titles evoke reactions and emotional responses in people that drive them to follow-through.
  • Offer formats - Your law firm is full of great potential in providing shareable knowledge. There are many different formats you can use this to create offers such as:
    • eBooks or guides (How to File for Divorce the Right Way)
    • Industry research/reports (Property Law Statistics 2017)
    • Webinars (Getting Around Legal Jargon: Q&A)

Though eBooks and guides are among the most popular, you might find that other formats work better. Make sure to test a range of offer types and see which ones convert the best for your law firm. Ultimately, it all comes down to what your audience would find interesting enough to read (or watch).

Create Catchy Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a tool that is used in order to encourage, persuade, and drive people to downloading your offer.

However, not all CTAs are made equal. We’ll show you some of our best tips in creating catchy CTAs that really shine:

  • Make sure it’s seen - Make sure that you place your CTA somewhere where it can easily be seen on your web page. A good area to place one is usually what we call “above the fold” - this section is the top of the web page that can be viewed without needing to scroll down.
  • Make it clear - It’s important to make sure that your CTA is clear and understandable. Forgo trying to be clever with words and get straight to the point. If you want someone to download the eBook then say “Download our Free eBook about X’ - tell them exactly what they need to do in order to complete the process.
  • Make it stand out - Your CTA needs to be obvious and eye-catching. And we don’t necessarily mean they need to be brightly coloured though! They just need to be able to stand out in order to draw attention and ensure that they come across as being clickable elements.

Using these tips will help you create and display CTAs in the most optimal way and drawing your potential clients into downloading your offer quicker.

Advertise Offers on Landing Pages

Landing pages aren’t like service pages on your website, they’re specifically designed as targeted pages that contain your offer and aim to capture leads.

As an important element in the offer creation, they need to be distraction-free and aim solely to drive prospects into filling out a form and moving prospects along the buyer’s journey.

We’ll show you how to give your landing pages a purpose:

  • Effective elements - Make sure your landing page includes important elements such as a headline, a summary of the offer, an image, and a form. Other great elements to add might be testimonials and security or certification badges.
  • Matching headlines - Ensure that both your landing page’s headline matches your CTA content for consistency. You don’t want to cause any confusion if it’s not clear enough and people think they’ve landed on the wrong page.
  • Less is more - Try not to clutter your landing page with too much content or images. Remember, the aim of the landing page is to encourage the visitor to download your offer as quickly as possible - so no distractions! Keep it simple and concise and tell the reader exactly what they’ll be getting.
  • Emphasise the benefits - If your offer is a 40 page guide, it’s a good idea to summarise briefly the benefits of downloading the offer. You can even pick out two to three points from the offer itself.

Keep our above design points in mind and your landing page will be easy on the eye, concise, and to the point. 

Use Forms to Capture

We love a good form. Forms are used to capture visitors who are looking to download your offer and converts them into a lead. In essence, forms are a great way to help move people along the buyer’s journey, whether they’re in the awareness, consideration, or decision stage of visiting your website.

Here are some good tips to creating useful forms:

  • How many fields? - This task comes with some trial and error but a good start would be to weigh up the value of your offer and then decide how much information you think a visitor would be willing to enter in order to download. For instance, if you are offering an in-depth 52-page guide then you might get away with having a longer form with more fields to fill out. For a downloadable infographic, a shorter form might be more suitable. But remember, you should only gather information that is relevant to you. If you don’t need their telephone number, don’t add that as a field.
  • Actionable buttons - Once someone has filled in a form, they need to submit their details using a clickable button. Make sure the button at the end of the form is clear as to what it’s for. There is some debate about whether using the word ‘SUBMIT’ is too generic so you could always try something like ‘SEND MY eBOOK’, ‘SIGN ME UP’, or even ‘GET YOUR GUIDE’.

If you find visitors are dropping out before they’ve filled in a form, take a look at what might be stopping them. If you need to, make tweaks to your form length and your buttons and monitor any changes.

Multi-Channel Your Efforts

Utilising a multitude of online channels to promote your offer is the best way off getting it in front of as many potential leads as you can. This way, you can maximise your efforts and draw prospects to your website on a greater scale, increasing the chances of conversion.

Here are a few channels that can help you with your offer promotion:

  • Blogging - You can add CTAs for your offer in your legal blogs that will help drive your visitors to the offer landing page. The more you blog, the more chances you have at increasing lead generation and conversion against your offer.
  • Newsletters - Email newsletters are a great way to target your clients and promote your offer. With your existing client database, it can help retain current clients and generate new clients by sending them valuable offers that will take their interest.
  • Social - Social media is forever growing with new channels being added all the time. However, the big three - LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are still holding steadfast. Utilise social as a way to promote your offers. You’ll build loyalty with your online presence and start conversations with the right people - drawing them in as new eventual clients over time.

The regularity of promoting through different channels is important. Find out which avenues are most suitable based on where your potential clients spend their time most and then concentrate the majority of your efforts through those channels. You’ll be seeing lead generation in no time.

We hope that this blog has helped you realise the benefits that offers can have for your law firm and how they can help supercharge your lead generation.

Generating leads is essential to the growth of your law firm and using offers is the perfect way to increase the quality and quantity of the leads coming to you.

For even more great tips on generating leads, download our free eBook, ‘30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips’, complete with examples you can implement straight away.