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Free Marketing Assessment!

Supercharge your business with a Free Marketing Assessment!

Digital Solutions To Help You Grow Your Business

Better Results!
Our free marketing assessment will help you identify your company’s key areas of opportunity and provide recommendations for driving productivity, growth and results. We do this by determining the challenges you currently face and how you can overcome them to achieve your business goals. 

As part of your free assessment, we evaluate your website and current digital marketing activity, taking a look at what’s working and what isn’t. This allows us to locate any cracks in your current marketing plan and provide suitable recommendations.

Sharper Processes!
Find out how you can power the performance of your business and streamline the way you connect with your customers. Our free marketing assessment will discover opportunities where your business can optimise and automate your marketing activity for sharper and more agile processes.

Not only will the assessment detect any exhausted trends in your digital marketing activities, but we’ll also provide expert data analysis to improve business-wide performance and share tried and tested digital marketing methods that can be implemented into future digital marketing strategies.

Smarter Marketing!
Discover how your business can place a focus on what matters most and improve the way your website attracts more traffic and qualified leads to your business. Through detailed analysis and the most relevant metrics, we’re here to help you find out how well your business can perform online with smarter marketing choices.

We will pinpoint the most important marketing strategies and recommend smarter systems for your business that can assist the development of effective digital marketing strategies. Our team can help you improve online visibility and increase your bottom line.

What is included in Free Marketing Assessment?

  • A review of your current digital marketing performance: We’ll lift the lid and take a look at your business’ motor to see how well you’re running online. We can answer any questions you have about the performance of your current marketing.
  • A review of your keyword rankings and potential opportunities: Where and what you rank for is critical to your success. We dive into keyword analytics and identify opportunities where your business can excel.
  • A review of your conversion rate: The marketing assessment will pinpoint how well-oiled your lead generation machine is.
  • A review of your key marketing metrics to identify potential problems/opportunities: Backed by the data, we locate opportunities where your business can exceed while keeping pesky marketing problems off the radar.
  • Industry benchmarking and competitor analysis: Where you can't cast an eye over your competitors, we can. As part of your assessment, we’ll pull your competitor's metrics and see how they fare against your business.
  • Strategic direction to improved traffic and conversion rates: It’s time to steer your business in the right direction. We provide top-level strategic direction on how you can improve traffic and increase conversion rates.
  • Consider a fully-integrated digital marketing strategy: Finally, discover the benefits of a fully-integrated digital marketing strategy and the growth opportunities it presents your business.

The FAQs

  • What's the catch? There is no catch, simply enter your details for this free, no-obligation marketing assessment and let us show you the benefits and opportunities your business truly has.
  • What format does the marketing assessment take? Once you have signed up, we will have an initial scoping call to confirm what you are trying to achieve and what challenges your business currently faces. Next, our team will get to work and seek all the relevant website analytics. Once we have all the sufficient information, we will schedule a screen-share to present our findings and recommendations, as well as how a fully-integrated digital marketing strategy can help your business.
  • Why Choose Us? We are Digital Media Stream, a digital marketing agency helping brands amplify their online presence to connect with consumers. We live and breathe digital marketing, offering the most innovative ideas to help brands get the most from their marketing.

    Our integrated approach to lead generation and marketing automation consistently drives more pipeline for our customers and we love to see our efforts help companies grow!

Pick a time that’s good for you!

By selecting a time to speak to one of our digital marketing experts, you are taking the next step to business growth success.

Simply select a time that works for you and you will receive a calendar invite right away. We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, get in touch!