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How to Become an Authority on Google



Becoming an Authority on Google

As soon as GDPR became a reality, we knew that businesses would need a hand in getting compliant. We took it upon ourselves to provide a resource that would ensure simple compliance and understanding of the regulation with the aim of being a leading GDPR authority on Google search results.

Editorial, Digital, Content

As responsible marketers, we understand GDPR and how to make this work for our business. As business growth experts we also understand how GDPR can be a significant step change in the way businesses handle data and communicate with other businesses and consumers. To help, we invested our resources in creating a GDPR Toolkit for Businesses.

We created a GDPR keyword focused content strategy which included over 20 GDPR related articles supporting our GDPR landing page. Our design team created bespoke designs that created a sense of urgency for the visitor, ensuring they downloaded the toolkit. Targeted pop-ups on the landing pages ensured that visitors were given another final opportunity to download the GDPR toolkit. Success in this project required close collaboration between our marketing and design teams.

Luminate - a brand of Digital Media Stream - became an authority on GDPR, giving the website traffic a sustained and continuous boost. Bespoke landing pages, complete with a GDPR countdown timer, resulted in an extremely high visitor to lead conversion rate, attributing to hundreds of downloads (and counting) of the GDPR toolkit.


Sector: Marketing

Brand: Luminate (Digital Media Stream)

Project Time Frame: 6 Months

Services: Content, SEO, Design, GDPR

Platform: HubSpot Professional


Let's Talk Numbers


And counting...Toolkit Downloads


No1. Spots in Google for Key GDPR Related Search Terms


Average Landing Page Conversion


“As more and more businesses realise the true importance of GDPR, our toolkit has been the go-to guide for those businesses wanting to ensure GDPR compliance and peace of mind. Having dedicated our marketing resources and planning on GDPR at such an early stage, Digital Media Stream now own a range of high value, top search results related to GDPR and continue to help businesses long after the deadline has passed.”

Ollie Ainsworth - Head of Content


Project conclusion

How We Helped
Not only was Digital Media Stream able to spread the awareness of GDPR long before its arrival, but we also helped a variety of businesses in the professional sector become compliant with the regulation. Digital Media Stream further demonstrated how content and design can come together to own the top positions on high volume search terms.

Next Steps
Even after the GDPR deadline, Digital Media Stream continue to help businesses, both big and small, become compliant. Our keyword strategy has now shifted to focus on the challenges businesses will have post-GDPR and we continue to see significant traffic and downloads on our GDPR assets. Our GDPR Toolkit is now available ‘un-gated’ to all website visitors.