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SEO | 4 min read

Why SEO Matters for Finance Firms

06 October 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

Most business owners know, or are at the very least aware of, search engine optimisation and the merits it can bring. Many industries have benefitted from its practices, and many more will continue to boost their rankings and put themselves in front of their target audience.

The finance industry is a special case, in many ways. Primarily, the pressure for a lot of firms to generate quick leads is paramount. However, ‘quick’ leads do not always equal quality, returning customers.

The solution? SEO. Finance’s market are keen on research, and often want answers - ranking organically is the best way to cater to a business’ target market.

Here, then, is a few reasons why SEO matters for the finance industry and why they should be making a priority.


You don’t need us to tell you how competitive the finance sector is. Well, so is SEO - outranking your competitors being the name of the game, your sector is prime territory to launch an offensive or protect your domain.

So much of SEO, from its keyword research to PPC jousting, is based around keeping an eye on your competition. Plus, getting some intel around your competition will inform how you can go about business too. You can stay ahead of trends, know where others are going wrong and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes.


Having a rigorous SEO strategy will also serve to inform you about your own business. You’ll learn more about the services you offer, get a handle on your customer’s preferences (more of that later) and understand just how you can reach search engine success.

It’s a learning curve for many, but one that must be taken on. Whether you’re a veteran SEO or you’re new to the field, with a few handy tips you can lead the way in the finance sector and ensure you are put before those most likely to become returning leads.


SEO is important - that much we’ve covered. But it’s also affordable! Compared to the likes of PPC campaigns where you are obliged to spend, a well-structured organic campaign will often come free of charge - with plenty of benefits.

One more thing - it is also renowned for having one of the best ROIs in advertising and marketing. SEO rewards your firm at a much higher rate than other forms of internet marketing.

The reason for SEO having such great ROI is because it is comprised of an inbound marketing strategy. It embraces the inbound methodology, and as such it allows the marketer to reach out to people without being intrusive.

You don’t have to convince your target audience that they need your product or service - you just have to convince them that you are the right business.

Thinking of it this way, SEO does half the work for you.


It’s been said before: with great power, comes great...credibility? Yes, there’s responsibility too (thanks SpiderMan), but think of it this way - SEO matters because it not only grows your business, it improves others’ perception of your business.

This is advantageous to the finance industry, and something they should tap into further. It’s a money-orientated business, that’s for sure - this isn’t no charity. Financial advisors need all the credibility and good fortune they can get to improve their perception and build a wholesome brand.

Customer insight

In terms of keyword research, you are actively seeking out the solution for what your audience are searching for. You’re looking for what drives them, what motivates them and what they want to find out.

Naturally, you learn about your customer. This is a side-effect of SEO that works completely in your favour, and not that many SEOs think about it.

You learn about; how they browse, how they search, the kinds of language they use and what technology they’re using. With this intel, you can inform your strategy going forward and everything you do will have best practice behind it.

What’s more - using a tool like Google Keyword Planner, this intel will have real time numbers behind it. Nothing better than analytics!

Site structure

Good SEO will improve the structure of your site and help Google understand your site. It gives vital clues as to how the engine can formulate and rank your site.

It also prevents you from cannibalising your own content - see here for more on keyword cannibalisation. If you have similar content on your site, good SEO will improve structure and differentiate one blog post from another, etc.
The financial sector is calling out for good, wholesome SEO strategy. We’ve seen it transform businesses, turn the fortunes of a smaller outfit on its head and expand business from ambitious startups to global enterprises.

It's time for financial advisors to take notice.

We’ll end on a final tip - make sure that your firm are leagues ahead in terms of SEO technologies, and the many updates that Google roll out. With new algorithms, come different techniques and vast amendments may need to be made.

Keeping on top of Google as they continue to move the goalposts is vital. If you’re ever in doubt - just keep creating the most informative, helpful and relevant content possible. You can’t go wrong...

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