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B2B Lead Generation: Do You Know Who Visits Your Website?

Simon Leeming
23 May 2014 Written by Simon Leeming

Do You Know Who Visits Your Website?

There are A LOT of software solutions to consider when ramping up your b2b lead generation to your business – CRM systems, accounting packages, social media management tools and email platforms, to name just a few! Making the right choice the first time around can save a lot of time, money, frustration, and help your top line and lead generation….this is why I’m talking about CANDDi in this post.

As a growing SME, we are continually looking at ways in which we can manage our scalability. We’re expanding our customer base and building new partnerships, and it’s vital that we don’t neglect prospecting into new geographies and sectors so streamlining our marketing campaigns and outbound sales process is a massive priority.

Over the last couple of years at Social Media Stream, we’ve launched a number of campaigns which have been great at bringing in new customers. We’ve created various eBooks, case studies, and blog posts, amongst other content which we’ve marketed via social media, email, and PPC campaigns. We would like to learn more about the interaction our prospects have with our business and increase our chances of generating more meetings with new faces, and this is why we decided to trial CANDDi and integrate it into our marketing program.

What’s CANDDi?

CANDDi is a tech startup based in Manchester, UK. They’ve developed an online solution to help companies understand answer who visits your website, how often, what’s sparking their interest, and much more. Now, you be thinking this sounds a little bit like Google Analytics? CANDDi goes beyond visitor numbers and conversion metrics and actually builds profiles of the businesses and in some instances the actual people that have visited your site – often enriched with company information, email addresses, and social media information.

How is CANDDi going to help you?

The key areas we found useful during our trial of CANDDi included:

  • Knowing who was interested in our company
  • Prioritising a prospect list
  • Going beyond customer enquiry responses

I’m sure most of you will agree that only a very small number of visitors to a website will submit a lead capture or contact form, in fact I believe this may average out at around 1 or 2 percent for those doing a good job! So what about the other 98% of visitors on your website? This is the area we were keen to explore – how can we engage with the other potential customers on our site?

So how exactly did we test CANDDi out?

We wanted to begin with an everyday use case – our company newsletter. Amongst our email campaigns, we deliver a monthly newsletter to our network which is a relatively simple update with latest news and interesting content – events, articles, ebooks etc. Whilst we get a good amount of traffic back to the site as a result of these mailers, what we lack is a deep insight into what these people do afterwards…or even know who they are.

Here is a breakdown of the steps we followed to set up CANDDi on our website, and integrating it into the email campaigns…

Step 1 – We added the CANDDi code to our website.

This involved pasting a few lines of code into our site – as easy as plugging in Google Analytics!

Step 2 – Create Newsletter

We created our newsletter as normal using Mailchimp – but you can use whatever email platform you use.

Once the newsletter was ready we then had to ensure if was going to be tracked by Canddi – onto the Email Integration…

Step 3 – CANDDi Email Integration

Essentially, we had to go into our CANDDi dashboard and generate the email integration code which would do the tracking. We needed to add this code to the links within the MailChimp template, adding a hyperlink basically – pretty standard stuff. Here’s a link to a video walkthrough http://vimeo.com/80615664.

Step 4 – Send Newsletter

All of of the links within the newsletter had CANDDI tracking within them now, so all we needed to do was send the newsletter out and going back into the CANDDi dashboard to see what added insights it could provide.

Step 5 – Analyse the Data

Mailchimp and Google Analytics provide a certain about of information – click throughs, referral traffic and some data around goals we’ve set up…but this aren’t things that get our the Social Media Stream sales staff excited! Logging into CANDDi takes the technical side out of this type of data, and displays it all in a simpler, more usable format, with added insights into the actual visitors themselves.

What insights did CANDDi provide?

I started to see a pipeline of potential prospects developing ‘behind the scenes’. Within the CANDDI dashboard, you are presented with various ‘Stream’s which are effectively filters you can use to organise and prioritise your visitors. They can also be used to segment the visitors by source – I was able to create a stream specifically for the visitors who I’d attracted via the email newsletter we’d just sent.

I was able to see what these people were looking at, whether they were looking at the Social Media for Accountants Ebook, a blog post on a recent event we held in Manchester, so basically every page they were looking at; their whole journey on the site. Through the clever email integration tracking code, CANDDi had also pulled through information like their names, company name, email addresses, and LinkedIn information – I was also able to see when they were coming back onto the website which was pretty useful.

I was able to prioritise the hotter leads by criteria such as pages viewed, duration on site, number of visitors etc. It was also very useful to be able to see where people had dropped off – I happened to find that a number of visitors reached the submission page to download an eBook but then didn’t actually fill in their details – so this is an area where we can now focus on increasing the conversion rate.

What’s next?

We’ve just scraped the surface of what CANDDi can do, and it’s clear that the more marketing activities we do, the more value it will provide, and ultimately provide the sales team with richer prospects they can target. We all know how important it is to nurture prospects as they’re going through the decision making process, and having real time alerts when prospects you’ve engaged with are back on your site, means you can get back in touch at a time when it’s relevant for them – making your approach much more consultative and one step ahead of the competition.

As we continue to increase our marketing activity, we can see how CANDDi will play an important role in identifying prospects, and save us time by enabling us to quickly prioritise the hotter ones. I look forward to reporting back on further developments and add further ways in which CANDDi has helped in boosting out sales!

If you would like to discuss our use of Canddi any further just reach out to contact@socialmediastream.co.uk

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