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Why We Love Being a Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester

06 October 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

There are some that call Manchester the “poor man’s London”, but it’s because they just don’t know the magic that is Manchester. From the stretches of Deansgate and the Castlefield locks to the endless hipster brunch eateries of the Northern Quarter and the bustle of Piccadilly Gardens and beyond - Manchester is where we call home.

You can catch a glimpse of the worker bee symbol emblazoned on bins, in shop windows and tattooed on the passerby. It’s a symbol of days gone by, but its meaning stays strong. Representing the energy of the city and the sense of community - it’s incredibly fitting for the people who live and work in Manchester.

At Digital Media Stream, we’re all about creating buzz and enthusiasm over what we do, which it’s why we can relate to the Manchester bee so much. It’s part of why we love being a digital marketing agency here.

We’re in the Heart of the Digital Hub

Technology has been a part of Manchester history for longer than most realise. It’s no secret that Manchester has become THE digital hub for creative agencies, broadcast houses and more. Since the move of giants like the BBC and ITV to MediaCityUK, other digital agencies have followed suit.

In an article from The Conversation, they list 10 reasons as to why Manchester will become one of the world’s top digital cities. With over 100,000 people working in the technology sector across 6,000 tech-related businesses strewn throughout the city, it’s no surprise why. Manchester is slowly becoming another “Silicon Valley” due to the huge amount of investment being piled into a various number of projects such as:

  • £575m programme by BT that has provided digital communication access across the city and beyond.
  • Industry giants such as TalkTalk, MoneySupermarket.com, Autotrader and more are building tech teams.
  • A growing trade association (Manchester Digital) that celebrates digital excellence in the region.

With all this and more, we know that Manchester is the perfect place for us to continue our own growth over the coming years.

Manchester is Ripe for Professional Services

Outside of London, Manchester is the UK’s largest hub for professional services firms from the legal, financial, accounting, insolvency and recruitment industries.

Manchester’s professional services sector has actually doubled in the last 10 years, with around 20,000 people employed by firms of all sizes. From startups to global firms, Manchester has proven to be able to attract such a large quantity, that the majority have now taken up residence in the concentrated metropolis - Manchester’s jewel if you will - that is Spinningfields.

Known as the luxury end of Manchester’s city centre, Spinningfields is filled with culture, cocktails bars and high-end boutiques where you can see professionals in their natural habitat. Perhaps because it’s akin to London that it almost feels like home for some.

It’s a Match Made in Heaven <3

It’s quite clear that this is a very prosperous time for for digital and tech companies upping sticks and making their way to the North West for a bit of gold.

With our base situated neatly between the city centre and Spinningfields, we’re in an incredibly prime location near to our clients. And because clients are on our doorstep, we can make the most of our time working to build great relationships with the right people who are looking for our services 

If you're looking to partner with a Digital Agency in Manchester, Digital Media Stream are your go-to candidate. Why not book some time in our calendar and talk to one of our experts how we can help your market and grow your business better than before.

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