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Success Stories & Digital Marketing Growth Statistics

10 August 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

As much as we like to see other marketers do well, it can’t be denied that success stories can often incite a tiny bit of jealousy.

It’s human nature to say to yourself: “if only I had come up with that idea” or, “I really wish I’d got there first”.

When this scenario happens, you have to swallow your pride and learn from where you missed out. Once you do that, you’ll be better prepared to hit the ground running for your firm’s next marketing campaign.

That’s exactly what we aim to do with this blog post. Here is a selection of success stories from businesses big, small, and slap-bang in the middle. Read them, learn from them, and take what you can. 

Bounce Back from a Bad Situation like Suzuki

For the South African division of Japanese automotive giants Suzuki, times were hard following severe cuts to their marketing budget. The cuts left them with few choices. Fortunately for them, one was to pursue online avenues with an inbound marketing methodology from HubSpot.

This method is exactly what they pursued. HubSpot’s software proved instrumental for Suzuki, bringing dramatic improvements to their market profile to make Suzuki one of the most high-profile HubSpot users to find success.

Here are the numbers:

21% increase in sales
2.17% market share
12.5% increase in web traffic

Read em’ and weep. The numbers speak for themselves - Suzuki made the best out of a bad situation and bounced right back.

“Just how did they do this”, you might ask? Suzuki’s achievements were down to clever content marketing. First, they defined each of their 9 customer personas; second, they created tailored content that answered every pain point relevant to each stage of the journey.

With a veritable feast of content - blog posts, infographics, articles, and videos, they created traction and started to generate leads pretty quickly.

To build on this content, they kept a close eye on the HubSpot Marketing Analytics Dashboard and tweaked things accordingly. They saw what they were doing well - content, CTAs, and intelligent workflows - and applied the same principles to their site.

The things that weren’t working so well? The Suzuki team quickly weeded out their weak spots until their sales, market share, and web traffic improved dramatically.

The moral of the story? Persistence is key, especially in the hard times.

Move with the Times like AES International

When corporate financial planners AES International found their lead generation struggling with an understaffed team, they decided to leave the old ways of outbound marketing behind and partner with HubSpot.

In an industry familiar with these old forms - cold calling, flyers and events - it took a bold move for the company to go against the grain and become a HubSpot partner.

Soon enough, the shift in approach resulted in quick wins.

Here are the numbers:

7.5X increase in leads
100% increase in profit
10X increase in web traffic

The words every marketer wants to hear: ‘100% increase in profit’. The small team at AES International achieved such massive gains through some wholesome, team building content strategies.

One of the first things they did was to get the whole organisation involved. In a roundtable discussion, an ideation process took place: “What kinds of blog posts will our prospects find useful?” and, “how can our landing pages build relationships with our prospects?”.

AES International also took advantage of workflows, and from there, things really got rolling. Automated emails ensured that the company were consistently put in front of their clients, lending the impression of being responsive 24 hours a day.

All-in-all, with HubSpot on board AES International’s client services began to think like marketers. Each employee added another notch to their skillset, and are all the better for it.

Streamline Lead Generation like F1F9

As one of the world’s largest financial building firms, F1F9 found that their lead gen systems were unnecessarily complex, consisting of more than one platform and taking up huge chunks of time.

The answer? Become a HubSpot partner. The firm got in touch with the marketing platform, signing up after little persuasion. F1F9’s main goal was lead generation. Here are the fruits of their labour.

600 new leads generated per month
8% conversion rate for organic traffic
7X increase in website traffic

Impressive, right? F1F9 did this by creating a content hub to which their leads would come in droves. It worked marvellously.

From eBooks, free courses, webinars, and Slideshare presentations they answered their searcher’s intent (backed up by SEO and keyword research, of course) and linked each to a high quality, service-led landing page.

They also worked on integrating their marketing efforts within the sales team, applying the HubSpot Sales Platform to spread the good word throughout the whole organisation.

Ace your Organic Traffic like anfix

Launched in Spain in 2010, cloud-based accounting service anfix had grown tired of the traditional outbound marketing methods and sought to find something newer that would have a direct, positive effect on their organic traffic.

Their content strategy was generating web traffic no problem, but it just wasn’t optimised for conversions and lead generation. Having previously used HubSpot before, anfix’s Marketing Manager signed the company up with the aims of attracting more users to convert with efficient, automated lead nurturing.

Here are the results.

4X increase in leads
57% increase in website visitors
100% increase in web traffic

It doesn’t get much sweeter than a 100% increase in web traffic.

One of the first things anfix and HubSpot did was identify their key customer personas. With three detailed impressions of their personas, anfix then created tailored, bespoke content that dealt with each of the persona’s pain points.

They backed the content up with in-depth offers - what anfix call ‘lead magnets’ - with which they could add a little authority to their marketing mix. Using HubSpot’s A/B testing methods anfix compared their results to further improve their marketing and sales efforts for the future.

All this, and more - guaranteed for long-term success.

Source Thousands of New Contacts like Unum

Unum are one of the UK’s leading employee benefits providers, and in 2013 they fell out of love with the outbound methodology. Like so many companies we’ve seen, they wanted something that really spoke to and nurtured their target audience.

For Unum, HubSpot’s Marketing Analysis Dashboard was instrumental in their approach. Between the Keywords tool, SEO functions and the ease with which CTAs and Forms can be applied, Unum landed upon a winning formula.

Here are their results.

22,000 new contacts gained
3X increase in organic traffic
2X increase in website traffic

This could be you, too. With over 20,000 new contacts gained Unum saw the value in believing in HubSpot. It offered them a comprehensive, all-in-one platform with which they carried out their marketing work.

These are just a few digital marketing growth statistics that prove not only the worth of HubSpot, but the kinds of intelligent content marketing strategies going on at Digital Media Stream HQ.

As a HubSpot Partner Agency ourselves, we’re ideally positioned to apply the business growth principles that have proven so successful. The learnings of HubSpot’s inbound methodology are key to what we do.

If you’re still not convinced and would like to see some more digital marketing statistics, take a look here.



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