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HubSpot | 4 min read

Reasons Why You Should Use HubSpot

11 April 2019 Written by Alexander Costello

There’s a better way to grow. A way that allows your business to reach new heights without compromise. A way that aligns your marketing, sales and service teams within your business to deliver your customers an experience like no other.


It’s called HubSpot, a marketing, sales and service software that has marketers ditching their old marketing playbook in favour of the inbound marketing methodology.

If you want to get the most out of your marketing, build customer relationships and deliver award-winning support, you need to start growing your business with HubSpot today.

In this blog, discover our handpicked reasons why you should be using HubSpot and explore whether the inbound methodology right for you. Ready to get started? Let’s get straight to it.

The Background of HubSpot

Found in 2005 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot has turned marketing on its head.

As HubSpot say, traditional marketing is broken and the buyers are taking control. That's why HubSpot founders Brian and Dharmesh developed software products for inbound marketing and sales. HubSpot turns your website into a magnet that attracts buyers. It places a focus on the customer and puts their needs first.

With 50,000+ companies in more than 19 countries, it comes as no surprise that HubSpot is ranked #1 by thousands of customers as the best inbound marketing software. Being HubSpot partners ourselves, we certainly agree.

Why You Should Use HubSpot

We’ve handpicked our favourite reasons to use HubSpot which, might we add, may cause you to rethink your existing marketing methods and choose the inbound way.

Inbound All The Way

We told you traditional marketing is broken. Outbound marketing is outdated and in a constant evolving marketing era where the buyers are taking control, inbound marketing is proving the marketing methodology of the digital age.

It is by far the most effective marketing method to market your business online, deliver leads into your marketing funnel and take your digital strategy to the next level. Companies are 3x as likely to see higher ROI on their inbound marketing campaigns than on outbound.

But inbound marketing is much more than just results you earn from your campaigns. It turns your website into a magnet that appeals to your dream customers by aligning your content with their interests.

Inbound helps your create lasting relationships with your customers. When you choose the inbound methodology as your marketing method, your business creates helpful, human and holistic experiences that keep your clients coming back for more.

So, does inbound marketing with HubSpot sound like the methodology that your business needs? If not, read on.

A Powerful Tool

We’re not saying it’s as powerful as Thor’s hammer, but if we had to pit HubSpot against its competitors, we’d say it's the ‘God of Thunder’ in the marketing land. (Marvel pun intended)

HubSpot offers a stack of software for your marketing, sales and service teams. With its completely free CRM at the core, your marketing, sales and service hubs can scale your campaigns, build better relationships and exceed customer expectations. As HubSpot like to say: “They’re powerful alone - but even better when used together.”

Let’s break down each hub in a little more detail. You never know, this could be your deal breaker and you’ll find yourself signing up to HubSpot in no time at all.

Marketing Hub:

Grow traffic, convert more visitors and run complete inbound marketing campaigns with ease and at scale. HubSpot’s marketing hub includes popular features such as lead generation, marketing automation and analytics so you can dig deep into the data for the best results.

Sales Hub:

It is this time-saving software that helps businesses to get deeper insights into prospects, leads and customers as you automate the tasks you hate. Popular features of the sales hub include meeting scheduling, automation and email tracking so you can find out which candidates are not opening your emails.

Service Hub:

Last but not least, connect with your customers and exceed their expectations with award-winning service software. Before you know it, your prospects will be promoters that grow your business. Popular features of the service hub include knowledge base, tickets and customer feedback so you can evolve your business around your customer’s needs.

This is one of Digital Media Stream's favourite reasons why we chose to partner with HubSpot. Great Digital Agencies deserve the best software. Does your business deserve the best? Read on for our third and final point.

Thriving Community

HubSpot is more than just your run of the mill marketing, sales and service software. In a way, HubSpot is a lifestyle for businesses that chose to join its legendary community.

Since HubSpot was founded, the platform has a thriving community brimming with thousands of like-minded marketing and sales pros just like you, all getting the most out of HubSpot. Don’t believe us? We let the numbers do the talking.

HubSpot’s academy has more than 165,000 certified professionals mastering the inbound methodology. The inbound marketing platform receives 4.5 million monthly visits to their blog while their social media accounts have a combined total of more than 2.6 million followers.

With HubSpot you constantly learn and grow with their impeccable support and the full inbound community behind you. So, are you sold yet? Speak to one of our marketing executives today to discover how you can start using HubSpot for your business.


HubSpot is here to make your marketing more human. It’s a remarkable methodology that makes sure businesses stay in charge of their results. When you chose HubSpot as your marketing software, trust us when we say there is no looking back.

Remember, our handpicked reasons are just the beginning. If you’re looking for ways to integrate inbound efforts into your overall digital marketing strategy, start with HubSpot.

Alternatively, book a free call with Digital Media Stream today and find out how we can help you grow your business.


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