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Lead Generation | 3 min read

Multi Channel Lead Generation

Ross Starkey
26 June 2015 Written by Ross Starkey

Ever had a pet cat? Think about what you needed to do in order for it go from an unsure, cuddly, playful little ball of fluff into a healthy, aloof, rodent-killing machine that only ever turns up when it wants something, needs feeding or fancies a warm lap and a cuddle. The whole process of raising a cat, that calls your place home, is the same process as for lead generation (and landing sales) - it’s all about nurturing them across multiple-channels.

Multi channel lead generation is how companies reach customers.multi channel lead generation

There are so many different ways to reach out, it could be your website, your online store, your blog, email marketing, text messaging, competitions, newsletters, press releases, social media, SEO optimising or even old school - picking up your telephone and making a call.

It wasn’t too long ago that direct marketing campaigns were the only way to go. It was simple, a straight-edged email or paper publishing exercise with clear metrics: They either increased sales or they did not. It was the only way to reach customers.

Social media has changed the world and the way leads are generated, products are marketed and how they are sold. People interact on a lot of different platforms, too many to suit a one-dimensional marketing campaign. In order to reach a vast amount of leads companies need to access multi-channels.

Emailing, once the bastion of reaching leads, has an expected open rate rarely exceeding 20% and a conversion rate of somewhere between 1–4%. These figures demonstrate a clear need to widen the net.

The aim of generating multi-channel leads is by nurturing, as straightforward as feeding little fluffy kitty, it delivers a message, or a series of messages, across multiple platforms to reach as many people as possible. In much the same way as ensuring your kitten has dry food for healthy teeth, wet food for nutrition, milk for healthy bone development, regular trips to the vet…and don’t forget the flea control and the grooming too, essential for a glossy coat and no complaints of itchy pests.

Blogging for instance brings in leads, the more you blog, the more effective in landing leads. Email marketing still works too, so long as it offers something valuable and encourages readers to share your content. Social media is great for human to human contact as well as drip feeding your company message and personality. Working alongside this are CTAs (Call To Actions) prompting your leads to act on all the information and content you have offered.

A final word: don’t forget your organic search, with all the messages across all those channels, ensure that your SEO has been optimised to reflect this, make it easier for search engines to pick up - what are the keywords your leads are searching?

Nurturing your cat and leading customers along a funnelling sales journey is all about gaining loyalty. And it’s a decision they must feel is theirs to make.

If you don’t continue to nurture your customers they, like little fluffy kitty, will choose another bowl of food that is tastier, perhaps at a neighbour’s house, where the affection is better, the milk creamier and the fire always on.

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