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Social Media Marketing | 4 min read

Law Firms: Social Media Response Times Are Important

02 November 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

In today's online world, everything is incredibly fast-paced. Everyone wants to find the solutions to their problems at the swipe of their finger and if one can't be found in time, they move on. People expect a certain level of customer service, both in person and online.

For your law firm, being responsive online is a great way to build up your online reputation as a business that is keen to engage positively and professionally with your prospects.

Social Media at a Glance

If you're not already using social media as part of your firm's marketing strategy, then read our insightful blog '6 Ways to Build a Law Firm Social Media Strategy'.  In this blog, we detail everything from choosing the right platform to curating SMART goals and learning how to build better relationships online.

In HubSpot's eye-opening State of Inbound 2017 report, 90% of all marketers said that social media has generated more exposure for their business, which goes to show just how powerful this medium can be for your firm. By taking into account the SRA's code of conduct, you can easily utilise social media to your advantage by being a part of the conversation with those who want to engage with you.

The Quicker The Response...

The better your firm's reputation will be online. For example, an average of 72% of people who make a complaint on Twitter to a business, expect a response within an hour. By taking notice and answering someone, this can actually increase customer advocacy by up to 25%. So not only will you look good, it will be beneficial for your firm, too.

Responding is Akin to Customer Service

People who comment, leave reviews or feedback expect something back. 21% of people look for a response in under 24 hours from a business, but even a reply within seven days is seen as acceptable by most.

Responses to comments and reviews show that your firm is actually listening to what's being said. Answer professionally, but also like a human (save the robotics for the chatbots!) Depending on the situation, aim to respond publicly and positively, but if confidentiality is needed then make use of private conversations, or even better, face-to-face meetings.

Social media responses are seen as a form of customer service. So when you respond, you're actively providing customer service for those who need it and it will only help your firm improve in the long run.

"It's Not What You Said, It's The Way You Said It"

Language is everything when it comes to social media. It's why we suggest writing up both a tone of voice document for your firm and a social media policy.

A tone of voice document can help guide anyone writing social messages on behalf of your firm to ensure they come across in the right way.

For instance, if you want the "voice" if your law firm to come across as "professional", "educational" and "helpful" then write that into your tone of voice document and provide best practice examples of how it should be written. This way, any colleagues who will be using the company's social media platforms will understand the best way to write content for social posts.

Social Media Automation Can Relieve Pressure

Roughly a third of the world uses social media - that's a lot of potential prospects for your law firm. But don't worry, you don't have to tackle them all alone, there is a great solution that can help.

With HubSpot's social publishing tool you can schedule up your social media messages in advance and have them publish automatically. With less time spent thinking up social media messages, you'll have more time to spend nurturing potential leads instead.


It's safe to say that social media is definitely worth the time and investment that you put into it.

Social media is one of the most powerful forms of online engagement and brand reputation for any business. When done right, you can really harness that power for your law firm and transform it into something great. When others can see people engaging in conversations with your brand in a positive manner, it will help them see the value behind what you do, why you do it and how you do it.

It's all about showing how your firm is capable of building trusting and long-lasting relationships with the very people who need you.

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