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Lead Generation | 1 min read

[INFOGRAPHIC] 25 Eye-opening B2B Lead Generation Statistics

Emma Ware
15 June 2016 Written by Emma Ware

How effectively do you generate leads? If you're looking to improve your B2B lead generation strategy, to avoid wasting time and resources, it's important to understand the marketplace and discover which lead generation methods will work best for your business, industry and size.

We've done some legwork for you, and put together an infographic with 25 eye opening lead generation statistics to help you further understand what lead generation techniques could benefit your business. To read our full article, 100 Powerful B2B Lead Generation Statistics, click here.


We hope you enjoyed reading our infographic and found some of these stats useful. Read the full blog post, here. If you would like to share this infographic, just copy and paste the embed code below! 

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