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HubSpot January 2019 Product Updates (Roundup)

Simon Leeming
18 February 2019 Written by Simon Leeming

 Following on from our December roundup, here is a rundown of the eight updates released by HubSpot in January.

Here they are, in order of announcement:

#1: Content Strategy is now called SEO

Released: 3rd January, 2019. Original post here.


As of January 3rd, the ‘Content Strategy’ section of HubSpot was renamed ‘SEO’. This simple tweak was intended to provide clarity to users and to give precedence to the more familiar and ubiquitous term.

There was a banner notifying users of this change, but now it’s gone.



#2: Better Automate Deal, Company, and Ticket Processes with Workflow Re-Enrollment

Released: 7th January, 2019. Original post here.


We’ve written about HubSpot workflows before: they’re a powerful part of our inbound marketing campaigns.

With this latest update to their workflows, HubSpot has given users the power to use re-enrollment criteria in all workflow types, rather than just for contact-based ones as was the case previously.

Re-enrollment triggers allow contacts to join subsequent workflows to their initial one, and configuring them correctly gives you the power to efficiently curate prospects’ experience of and journey through your workflows.

If a prospect meets re-enrollment criteria but no longer fulfils the original enrollment criteria, they will not be enrolled. This prevents the accidental enrollment of unsuitable prospects.


#3: Google+ Will No Longer Be Supported in the Social Tool Starting on January 28

Released: 8th January, 2019. Original post here.


Back in October 2018, Google announced they would be closing the consumer version of Google+. As a result, the associated APIs facilitating integration with other services have begun to wind down, leading to HubSpot’s decision to remove the integration from their social monitoring, publishing, and reporting tools.



We’re a bit sad to see Google+ go, to be honest. Back in 2011, their mission statement was a bold one (“online sharing needs a serious re-think, so it’s time we got started”). It’s a shame it never quite took off.


#4: The Developer Forums are Joining the HubSpot Community on January 29th

Released: 8th January, 2019. Original post here.


This is another tweak to streamline user experience of HubSpot tools and services. The developer forums, currently hosted on their own domain, will be integrated into the HubSpot Community pages.

There are a few dates to be aware of:

  • Close of play on January 28th is the cut-off point for people with developer accounts to create a HubSpot Community account if they do not already have one. Missing this deadline means posts from a user’s developer account will not be migrated to their Community account.
  • January 29th is when users trying to visit the developer pages will be redirected to the Community pages.
  • May 30th is the final day the read-only version of the developer pages will be accessible.

#5: [HubSpot Connect] - January 2019 Integration Roundup

Released: 31st January, 2019. Original post here.


HubSpot announced ten new integrations this month. Read about them below:

  • LeadGnome: a service that automatically updates contacts with information gleaned from their auto-replies (for example if they're on holiday, or have left their organisation). A free integration for all users with LeadGnome.
  • Phoneburner: a service that makes dialling faster. May not sound like much, but it's very useful for phone-based sales staff. A free integration for Phoneburner users.
  • Paycove: a service that generates custom quotes and invoices from deals made in HubSpot, leading to better efficiency. Free integration for Paycove users.
  • AdStage: a service for optimisation of marketing funnels that connects HubSpot data to other analytics. Free integration for AdStage users.
  • Power BI by Bayard Bradford: software that gives decision makers the ability to analyse large volumes of data without reliance on Excel. Free integration for Power BI users.
  • Leadfeeder: a tool that uses Google Analytics to give information on which companies are visiting your site, and which pages they're looking at. Free integration for users of Leadfeeder.
  • RoboAuditor: a tool that creates embeddable white label SEO audits, designed to capture conversions. Free integration for users with RoboAuditor accounts.
  • nDash: a content platform that allows for the creation and management of writing teams, comprised of internal staff, freelancers, and other voices. Free integration for nDash users.
  • Outgrow: a tool for the creation of calculators, quizzes, polls, chatbots, and other things to enrich content. Free integration for Outgrow users.

6: January 2019 HubSpot Updates in Less Time Than a Coffee Break

Released: 31st January, 2019. Original post here.


An update about the previous month’s updates. Much like the one we wrote!

#7: [Now Live] Support Form in Knowledge Base (Service Hub)

Released: 31st January, 2019. Original post here.

Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users can now activate support forms for their knowledge base pages. Too often websites have knowledge bases that offer no clear place to go if a user’s question is not answered. While it makes sense from an organisational perspective to reduce the volume of support queries by guiding users to content that will answer their questions, it is important to avoid the situation where they become stranded with their query unanswered. If you’re a HubSpot Service Hub user, this will no longer be an issue for your knowledge base pages.


That’s all of January’s updates: lots of incremental improvements to an already excellent software suite! Keep your eyes peeled for the February roundup! If you're looking for any help implementing your HubSpot inbound marketing strategies, get in touch today! 

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