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Lead Generation | 6 min read

How Tech Companies Convert Lead Generation Activity to Sales Leads

Ross Starkey
03 March 2016 Written by Ross Starkey

If 100 people visited your website this today, how are you going convert them into a sale in the next 30, 60, 90 days...? Have you got a plan, do you have the right content, is your website ready?Attracting visitors can be the easy part, getting their contact details can be an achievable next step (sometimes you just have to ask!), but getting them to sign-up, become a user of your software / technology, and become a lifelong customer. That's the tricky part.

Here are four steps to consider so that you can convert those website visitors into leads in no time:
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1.) Know Your Lead's Buyer Cycle

Very often your goal will be to drive people towards a free trial of your product or to receive a demonstration because more people buy your product if they have tested its usefulness first.HubSpot offers a nice overview on the buyer's cycle here.

  1. Awareness: Leads have either become aware of your product or service, or they have become aware that they have a need that must be fulfilled.
  2. Evaluation: Leads are aware that your product or service could fulfill their need, and they are trying to determine whether you are the best fit.
  3. Purchase: Leads are ready to make a purchase.
    Lead Generation

If your prospects are not convinced by your content or explanations during the awareness stage you will find it difficult to move them towards the evaluation stage.

Plenty of website visitors means that people are becoming aware of your product or service so how do you now fulfil their interest, solve their challenges or needs? To increase your qualified leads you need to convince your audience with valuable or actionable content.

When you break down what your visitors want to know, you can identify if there are gaps in your content offering.

2.) Are You Offering The Right Content?

So what content are you offering all of those visitors that have arrived to your website? If they are seeing you for the first time, and they are perhaps not ready to buy yet, how will you convince them?

If you can work out which offers/emails/content they clicked through to your website on, you can ensure you have the right content in your armoury they can either download, read or be emailed that will confirm their interest and then educate and inform them before they convert through to the likes of  free trial, demonstration or meeting request. There are many different types of content you can promote including the likes of:

  • Further blog content
  • ROI calculator showing savings
  • Ebook - How To Guide
  • Targeted content e.g., '10 Tools Every {“your target customer”} Needs'
  • Case study
  • Pre-sales content, like FAQs
  • Discount offering
  • Free Trial
  • Demonstration or consultation

You won't need every piece of content, but knowing you already have it at the ready, and being able to send it at the right time, ensures visitors travel along your sales funnel with content that fits their stage in the buyer journey.

Each stage of their journey should bring them closer to their ‘decision-making’ stage i.e free trial, purchase, enquiry etc

3.) Are You Making These 3 Mistakes?

But wait, have you checked whether you are making these three mistakes that can lose potential leads:

Buy Now! - Are you trying to force through your sale before your prospect is ready? Perhaps you have too many 'BUY NOW' buttons doing you a disservice? Typically, 96% of your visitors are not ready to buy

Is your website up to speed? - Surprisingly enough, if your website takes too long, people will get bored. Loading time has a big correlation with page abandonment, people just don't have the patience to wait more than just a few seconds before their fingers start getting twitchy.  Test your website speed with Pingdom.

Lead Generation
Do you have compelling landing pages?
If your landing pages don't compel someone to leave their details in your sign-up form then change it. If they aren't convinced quickly, they'll leave.

4.) Is Your Free Trial Working?

For tech companies that have a product, the best time to convert your product into a sale is during a prospects free trial period, but how many times have you signed up to try the likes of a new marketing platform or sale tool but never used it?

When people start using your product or service (even if they haven't actually used it yet), you have an opportunity to get them to convert into a sale. You have their attention - briefly, but you have it!

For instance, according to totango.com , 15-20% of your free trial users will actually convert. And that figure reduces to 0% of those that you can't encourage to initiate their trial software.

There are things you can do to improve your odds, and your email strategy can become a powerful influencer:

  • Offer startup advice to users unsure how (and why) to get started
  • Offer daily/weekly prompts reminding them of the benefits of utilising your product
  • Set targets for them to achieve, which when achieved will demonstrate usefulness and achieve engagement and buy-in
  • Extend the trial for users that haven't 'had the time to try it'.

Converting your visitors into qualified leads requires you to view your site, content and offers in the same way as your visitor does. Understand your buyer persona (what they want and why), enable them to be fully aware of the benefits of your product (targeted content), offer them a free trial or consultation (nearly there, don't lose them now) before they are ready to purchase your software product. Get this right and you'll be converting visitors into customers in no time.


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