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How a Great Website Can Boost Legal Services

13 September 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

For law firms, a great website can mean the difference between enticing new visitors on a regular basis or having people click off and go elsewhere. It can take, on average, less than six seconds for someone to make up their mind about your website - so first impressions are important.

The main purpose of your website is to work, on your firm's behalf, to be your 24/7 salesperson and turn visitors into leads and leads into clients. A few questions you should ask yourself when looking at your website are:

  • "Is it eye-catching and interesting?"
  • "Can it help visitors find what they're looking for?"
  • "Will someone easily be able to find their way around to relevant pages?"
  • "Is it optimised for mobile?"
  • "Is it aimed at my target audience?"

If the answer is "no" to any of these, don't worry! Digital Media Stream are here to help you make those much needed improvements and turn your website into a lead generation machine that retains interest and keeps your visitors coming back for more.


7 Website Tips for Success

So there you have it. Our seven great website tips bundled together into one helpful infographic to help boost your law firm's services online.

Here's the magnificent seven once again:

  1. Create defined, measurable goals that you can monitor, improve and adjust.
  2. State your law firm's value proposition on the homepage of your website that clearly communicates what it is you do.
  3. Optimise everything on your website to be customer-centric, from your website copy to your blogs.
  4. Display a well-planned navigation menu on your website that ensures your visitors can find their way easily.
  5. Use calls-to-action to direct visitors to download your free content offers, subscribe to your blogs or get in touch via your contact page, turning them into qualified leads.
  6. Turn your website into an informational hub that you can use to educate and inform your target audience through providing links to your blogs, offers, videos and articles.
  7. Ensure that your website is responsive for a range of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets in order to boost user experience and engagement rates for a wider audience.

By following our helpful tips, your law firm's website will be on track to grabbing the attention of your target audience, nurturing them  into qualified leads and converting them to clients faster than a rocket (ok, maybe not THAT fast!).

For more in-depth website tips, download our useful eBook '7 Secrets of a Great Homepage' to boost your legal marketing prowess.


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  2. 97% of law firms don't offer personalised content online, 'Top 15 Legal Marketing Statistics 2017', Capterra
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