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Five Essential SEO Softwares To Manage Your SEO Strategies

01 January 2020 Written by Alexander Costello

There are tons of SEO tools available.


They range from full suites that track and manage every aspect of your SEO campaign, right down to simple checkers where you pop in a URL and get an individual metric.


But this article is not a comprehensive list of SEO tools to help you achieve every microscopic task. Instead, it's a round-up of five of our favourite tools to help manage your SEO strategy.


Because as a small business owner, you've probably got just one question:


Which are the best SEO management tools? In this article, we give you the answer.


The best SEO management software

The tools in this list underpin serious SEO strategies. They offer some combination of services like rank tracking, link tracking, keyword tracking, and various other technical SEO aspects.


If an SEO management tool has made it into this list, you know it's good.



SEMrush describes itself as the "all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals." And with clients like eBay, Quora, booking.com, and Vodafone, you know they're doing something right.


Their SEO toolkit drills deep to give a full technical audit of your site. The position tracking feature shows you where you rank for all your key terms and how this changes over time. Backlinks are tracked and analysed, with the resulting data forming the basis for suggestions on how to gain more organic traffic to your site.


On top of SEO, SEMrush offers tools for paid traffic, social media, content and PR, and market research.


In short, this is a hugely comprehensive campaign management software.


The cost? SEMrush used to operate on a freemium model, but now there are only paid subscriptions available. They start at $99.95 per month, moving up to $399.95 for more comprehensive access. Seven-day trial memberships are available, and you can find a comparison between different subscriptions here.



The Site Explorer tool shows the keywords your competitors rank for, and the amount of traffic each drives. It also shows the top traffic-driving pages and can highlight keywords your competitors rank for that you don't.


The Keywords Explorer tool drills deeper, showing search volume, keyword difficulty, search trends, and ranking history for over 3 billion keywords.


You also have access to the world's most extensive backlink index, giving a rich understanding of you and your competitors' link profiles. vOn top of this is sophisticated rank tracking software to chart your progress, and a bunch of other tools.


There's a reason we consider AHRefs one of the best SEO campaign management software on the market today.


The cost? It costs $7 for a 7-day trial, then anywhere from $99 to $999 per month depending on the number of users and level of access you require. Find a comparison of packages here.



HubSpot's SEO tools assist with content creation, giving topic suggestions that are broken down by relevance, competition, and popularity. You can also track the most influential pages on your site, and get tips to enhance the SEO quality of your content while you create it.


It includes comprehensive reporting tools, too. You can track each topic cluster individually to understand which topic(s) are driving most traffic and revenue, then tailor future content creation efforts accordingly.


The cost? HubSpot's SEO tools come bundled up with their Marketing Hub. The minimum monthly charge to gain access is $800. You can view pricing info here, or request a demo here.


Note: We're a Certified Platinum HubSpot agency, so get in touch if you need a hand with any of their tools.

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Although they're not the top dogs they once were, Moz still offers an impressive range of SEO tools. Their Link Explorer tool evolved from Open Site Explorer, which served SEOs well for many years.


This is accompanied by a selection of other powerful tools: Keyword Explorer shows you how people are finding your site and which keywords are driving traffic. Rank tracking tools let you see how you're ranking. Site Crawl highlights issues in your site that are hindering its SEO performance.


The cost? A limited amount of domain metrics are available for free, while paid access starts at $99 per month. Compare packages here.



We've included this tool for the Wordpress users amongst you. Yoast is a Wordpress SEO plugin that runs on the freemium model and delivers tons of benefits.


This plugin helps with keyword optimisation, using its famous traffic light system. It manages some of the technical stuff like robots.txt and htaccess. It also adds schema tags to content, advises on readability and duplicate content, gives suggestions for internal links, and so on.


The cost? Free, then up to $89 per site for Yoast premium with discounts for multiple sites. Find a full breakdown of free versus premium here.


You know Yoast is good. At the time of writing, it has over 135 million downloads.


The sharpest tools in the shed

The tools in this list will serve you well, but bear in mind they are just the tip of the SEO iceberg. There are myriad other tools and software suites to help you achieve almost any outcome imaginable.


As you invest more time and effort into your site's SEO, you'll get a feel for the tools and techniques that work best for you.


And if you decide along the way that you'd like to work with an SEO agency, give us a bell. We'll be more than happy to discuss your objectives, and how we can help you to achieve them.

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