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Can Pinterest Benefit Your Inbound Marketing Campaign?

Ross Starkey
08 October 2015 Written by Ross Starkey

Fact: Pinterest is one the largest social media sites! Despite this, many business are hesitant to enter on another social media platform as part of their Inbound Marketing Campaign, especially when it often fails to convince and is believed to be only useful for fashion, food and furniture. But with so many users perhaps it shouldn't be dismissed too quickly. So, can it really benefit your marketing campaign?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site in which users collect and share photos of their favourite things. Essentially, it's a place where people make lists.

Pinterest strategy

Still, if you happen to be a business selling a product then what better way to visualise to potential customers, not only your product, but people using your product? You already have pictures on your website, so why not link the same pictures to your Pinterest site, create a Pinterest link on each image, enabling your web traffic to pin these images (and their description) directly onto their own Pinboards.

Pinterest is capable of improving SEO performance and increasing brand awareness. Like any other platform it'll only work if you interact with other pinners:

  • Comment on others' pins
  • Follow like-minded brands and users
  • Mention other pinners in your comments

But moreover you'll also need to:

  • Promote your Pinterest account in your other social media
  • Create great looking boards
  • Measure your pins
  • Create landing pages for your Pinterest campaigns.

When pinning content to your boards be sure to use strong keywords so that your pinned products can start contributing to search. Pinterest is a visual platform, so make sure that you use high quality photos too.

Create Boards

You can create you own boards too on topics at the very heart of your services or product offering. So if you are providing healthy fitness food, then you may well want to display your product on your Pinterest boards creating boards called 'Essential Protein' or 'Healthy Sausages'.

With a strategy of interaction (and good content), you can quickly build a small following of your pins. It doesn't stop here, you might then want to extend the reach of your following, in which case you may want to use Group Boards.


Group Boards

People will often gather around a topic and share content, products, and services they’re promoting. So, there could be a Pinterest Group Board interested in 'Great Barbecue Food' or 'Healthy Eating'.

Group Boards amplify Pinterest, exposing you to pins from thousands of other Pinners and helping your pins get seen to a much wider audience. When you pin to a Group Board, that pin is shows up in the streams of all the members of that Group and their followers too.

The only problem is, first you need to be invited to join them. They don't just allow anyone in, as this opens the way for spammers to posts unsolicited content. If you feel your content will contribute to the Group, enhance your own reputation, and increase your exposure, then read the Group's description on how to join.

Joining a Group Board

A Group Board will need to invite you to become a member. This won't happen just by following it, you can get an invitation by either the person who set that Group up or from another contributing member of the group. This means you are going to have to reach out and make contact. Do this by clicking on the first profile picture below the group description, this is the administrator of the Group Board. You may get a speedy, or a slow response, you can try to contact others too.

Ultimately, Group Boards are about increasing the number of targeted people that you can reach on Pinterest.

To find a suitable Group Board for your product, visit Pingroupie.com for a list. You can search using keywords and subject and it will bring up a big list of Groups including members, followers and when the last activity was (is it still an active site?)

Pinterest groups might just be the key ingredient to add to your social media mix. It has the power to drive high-value traffic and engage customers. Pinterest drive incremental revenue, improve your SEO performance and increase your brand awareness. Make Pinterest a part of your marketing campaigns and start Pinning!

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