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8 Magnificent Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

10 August 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

For many firms working within the Legal sector, there’s a tendency for business development to take a backseat. Often, there is simply no time to dedicate to marketing, growth or expansion. There is also less priority given to non-billable work such as marketing.

Business growth doesn’t have to be at the expense of your day-to-day work, and it certainly shouldn’t take that much time. Your firm can implement methods that are quick, effective, and driven for success in the long-run.

Here are some marketing ideas for law firms, courtesy of Digital Media Stream.

1. Google AdWords

2. AdWords Landing Pages

3. Marketing Culture

4. Create Content

5. Identify Popular Pages

6. Community Leader

7. Optimised Website

8. Employee Satisfaction

#1 Master Google AdWords

Did you know that the top three paid advertising spots on a Google search get 46% of the clicks on the page? There is plenty of opportunities for your firm to run a smart, effective AdWords campaign that puts you above the rest. 

Ensure that you appoint the right company to manage your PPC, and you’ll be onto a winner. It’s been proven time and time again that people pay great attention to paid ads, and click on them. You'll get your website noticed in no time.

Remember that many law firms will be improperly using PPC, and missing out on golden lead generation opportunities. Don’t let this be you!

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#2 Use Custom-made Landing Pages for AdWords

Your firm can create custom landing pages to help boost conversion rate. What custom landing pages do is position you as a specialist in the types of cases you want to generate.

So, instead of sending visitors to your site, you should think about a custom landing page. A landing page that’s intelligent and comprehensive will always generate healthier leads than those that give the visitor a negative impression.

It’s to do with personalisation, too. Given that the first few ad results of a Google search generate so many clicks, you’ll want to ensure the page you send visitors to is flawless. Let them know they’ve come to the right place instead of sending them to the same landing page as the organic results.

According to Econsultancy, 52% of digital marketers surveyed agree that “the ability to personalise web content is fundamental to their online strategy”. Marketers are starting to see the value of personalisation!

It lends your company a sense of authority and the impression that you value the user and their experience with your site.

It also gives visitors fewer options to leave the page. It’s an intelligent, almost bespoke way of creating targeted content that sends leads in the right direction.

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#3 Make Marketing a Part of your Firm’s Culture

This one is totally inexpensive but crucial for ensuring the success of your marketing efforts. Creating a positive environment for your marketers to work alongside client services is important, so much that the two should really be interchangeable.

Think about it: you want your marketers to have a deep knowledge and familiarity with your services. They need to walk the walk and talk the talk. For this reason, it pays to make marketing a priority throughout your firm’s staff. Soon enough, your client services department will be thinking like marketers too.

P.S Don’t forget about training! You may need to provide marketing coaching for your staff.

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#4 Content is King - but it’s not all words!

Now you have a marketing team set up, it’s time to create content that: attracts visitors, generates leads, and comments on industry developments to position your firm as an authority.

That said, it’s great to do things a little differently. With this in mind, you should think a little outside the box, for example by focusing your efforts on video content.

With 52% of marketing professionals worldwide claiming that video content creates the best ROI for companies, the numbers speak for themselves.

Whether it’s ‘day in the life of a solicitor’ type-content or an instructional, service-led video you can harness the power of video content to build trust and attract new customers. It also helps your firm become more personable too, which can be extremely effective in the legal sector.

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#5 Be Inspired by your most Popular Pages

This one is all about data. You can use tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot to dive down into page analysis and identify your most popular, visited assets. Identify the following: what have you done well on these pages? Is your messaging particularly strong, or clear? How can you recreate that success on other pages?

Once you know where your strengths are, repeat the formula! It’s that simple. You are focusing on what your visitors have found the most useful, and have engaged with the most. 

With this kind of customer-centric practice, your law firm can’t go wrong. 

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#6 Be a Community Leader

Whilst a lot of modern marketing relies on metrics (we wouldn’t have it any other way) there is still a lot to be said for networking, word-of-mouth, and, simply doing things the old-fashioned way.

This means making appearances at trade shows and conferences, talking with local firms and generally making yourself visible in the community. You never know the kinds of contacts you could be put in touch with!

There are also ways you can bring the old school up to date - if you’ve been in attendance at trade shows or conferences, you have the perfect opportunity to make a PR appearance in local news outlets. You could even raise your profile enough as to gain backlinks from others in your field. All these are key to SEO growth and visibility.

A final tip: make some business cards. They don’t have to be glossy, expensive or handcrafted by the good folk of some far-flung land. They should state your name, service, and company with clear presentation that isn’t offensive on the eye.

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#7 Make your Website Quick as Lightning

It has been shown that 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load - so you want to make it a priority that your site speed and User Experience (UX) are up to scratch.

Here is a couple of ways you can do this:

  • Lose any plugins you don’t need
  • Yes, you may well have some great plugins that work wonders and save you plenty of time. It’s likely you’ll have some you don’t need too.

If this is the case, they’ll be slowing your load speed down significantly. Once you’ve sent them to the trash bin, you should find your site runs that bit smoother.

  • Compress your images

This relates more to mobile speed than desktop, although uncompressed images affect desktop too. If you’re displaying full size, full-resolution images on your site it will undoubtedly take longer to load. 

There are plenty of tools you can use to compress images. Click here to access one of them for free

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#8 Be a Good Place to Work

This is a given, right? Everyone wants to be the best place for their employees to work. However, very few make a big deal out of it. Employee satisfaction should be one of your top priorities, not just for the welfare of staff but in terms of reputation, and how that looks on the outside.

Social corporate responsibility is important, and promoting a healthy, positive environment for staff to work in will ensure employee satisfaction. This, as a result, will communicate to the world and the community around you that you are a fair, considerate employer.

You know what employee satisfaction equals, right? Productivity. When employees are happy and engaged, it's a fact that their productivity will be healthier.

Marketing should no longer take a backseat at your legal firm: by stressing its importance to your firm you can train staff and help them get their marketing minds in action.

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All it takes is a few steps - here they are in summary.

  1. Master Google AdWords
  2. Make Marketing a part of your Firm’s Culture
  3. Content is King - but it’s not all words
  4. Be Inspired by your most Popular Pages
  5. Be a Community Leader
  6. Make Your Website as Quick as Lightning
  7. Use Custom Landing Pages for AdWords
  8. Be a Good Place to Work

With the above tips in tow, you can grow your law firm without having to step away from your immediate work. Here’s to success! 

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