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5 Fantastic Marketing Ideas for Bankruptcy Firms

24 August 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

As a bankruptcy firm, you’re there to handle your client’s unfortunate bankruptcy status with a trustworthy, expert service offering. Your contract with the client is predicated on their going through the process as smoothly as possible.

You’re dedicated to your client, and that’s a given. What a lot of bankruptcy firms neglect to do, however, is dedicate time to themselves.

As a result, marketing and business growth are often overlooked.

With this in mind, here are five marketing ideas your bankruptcy firm can apply to generate more clients and improve visibility. You can thank us later!

#1 Lead, By Being a Thought Leader

Given the troubling nature of bankruptcy, you should take the opportunity to speak out and speak for your clients, past, and present. Do your bit to help eradicate the stigma and preconception that cling to the issue of bankruptcy.

By normalising the process, you are sending out a message to those who may be in dire straits but aren’t sure of what to do. Remember that it’s difficult to reach out for help at the best of times, and it can be a huge knock to a business owner's confidence to have to file for bankruptcy.

With your content, you can position yourself as a bankruptcy firm with a difference. Care about your clients, and they’ll care about you (by means of referral, perhaps).

#2 Blog, if you aren’t already

Leading on from our first tip, you can develop your communication channel using the power of a trusty blog. With a well-maintained blog, you can comment on the latest industry developments to position yourself as an authority, as well as write articles that speak of your services in greater detail.

What do you have to say? What do your clients want, or need, to hear? It takes research, and it takes time, but getting to know your audience is well worth it.

You want the kind of blog that’s full to the brim with insights to attract, engage, and secure new leads for your firm. There are vast opportunities for bankruptcy firms in this area, as it is uncharted territory for many who are yet to grapple with blogging.

With an informative, conversational tone that demonstrates professionalism and expertise, you can’t go wrong.

#3 Grow, with SEO

You don’t have to be an SEO ninja to implement techniques that get your firm ranking. We’ll give you a few basic essentials to get you started.

Conduct keyword research

Get a better understanding of what your audience is searching for by digging into keyword research. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner see which search terms have the highest volume. With this, you can then write content that’s well optimised for the keywords in question.

Harness the power of local SEO

Did you know that 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day? If you didn’t, then now is the time to capitalise on local SEO and the merits it can bring.

When your firm lays claim to the surrounding area above your competition, you stand a far greater chance of attracting new clients as you’ll be positioned right before their eyes.

Here are a few more tips on using local SEO to your advantage.

#4 Talk, By Encouraging Phone Consultations

Over the phone, many feel uncomfortable with placing their cards on the table and beginning the process of bankruptcy. What you can do is engage leads in a brief telephone conversation, providing an honest and transparent platform on which you can guide them through the process.

There is a little social and professional responsibility involved in this step, and it’s not too dissimilar to the first point.

In a sense, you’re encouraging full transparency between yourself and the client. An honest, understanding phone consultation will build trust and ensure the client that you’ll make the process as smooth as possible.

#5 Adjust, By Being Flexible

Whilst you are likely committed to the 9-5 working day, it will definitely help to offer your services now and again outside of this time. Be flexible and accommodating with client availability.

You can take meetings outside of the office, perhaps somewhere they’ll feel more comfortable. Again, this serves to build a positive relationship with the client from which you can process their bankruptcy.

If a client can’t make a particular appointment, offer alternatives and work around them. All of these tips are geared toward making it as much of a positive experience for the client - who knows, they may well refer you onto someone else.


These five tips ask very little of your time and resources but give so much back in terms of results. Actionable, results-driven techniques are worth their weight in gold for firms specialising in bankruptcy.

Frankly, they’re worth their weight in gold for any firm working in professional services.

So, to sum up:

1. Lead your industry with useful insights that speak for your clients. Be a thought leader!

2. With a blog, you can invite debate amongst your audience and respond to industry developments.

3. Ensure your website can be found by potential customers. SEO is key for growing your business!

4. Many prefer phone conversations as opposed to face-to-face consultations. Cater for clients.

5. Your client can't make that 10 A.M appointment? No worries - be flexible!

And, that’s your lot. For further insight, take a look at our Blog. It’s packed with handy tips on a wide range of professional service industries.

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