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15 Genius SEO Tools for Websites

06 September 2017 Written by Alexander Costello

SEO strategy rarely performs through one sole platform - unless you’re working with HubSpot, that is. No, boosting your visibility often takes a few different tools used in conjunction with each other to really garner quantifiable SEO results.

Using a small handful of tools can get fantastic results for your website. But, before you go away and download every tool under the sun, there are a few boxes you should tick first.

Your SEO tools should do the following; maximise efficiency, offer plenty of options in terms of customisation, give you clear insight into your website’s progress and - above all -be easy to use.

With these in mind, we’ve compiled 15 SEO tools you can use for websites needing a little more to get ranked.

#1 Google has it all

You heard it here first - actually, no: you’ve probably heard it numerous times. Between Google’s Keyword Planner, Trends, Webmaster and Search Console, this is where you should start. They’re all geared for SEO success.

#2 SERP success

The SERPs Keyword Rank Checker is a nifty little gizmo which delves into search engine rankings to produce in-depth reports. It gives you the first 250 results, alongside CPC, search volume whilst allowing you to tailor by location. It’s free, fast and, frankly, fantastic.

#3 Fix those links

There are numerous sites that help you find broken links, and this is the best of them. The Broken Link Checker does what it says on the tin; it tells you which of your hyperlinks are dead, showing you exactly where they can be found in your HTML code. 

#4 Check yourself before you...lose visibility 

SEO Site Checkup ensures your website’s rankings never drop. This one is unique - it includes a whole SEO toolbox that you can use to analyse any ranking issues and boost your visibility. There’s a free trial in it for you, too!

#5 The public have spoken!

Answer the Public is a favourite of the marketing executives here at our marketing HQ, and not just for the bearded man in the grey turtleneck. It’s simple, and creative. All you do is enter a short-tail, ‘pillar’ keyword and the tool gives you a vast network of related terms that people are searching for. It’s fantastic for coming up with content ideas.

#6 (Yo) Rocket your way to the top

*for Wordpress users only*

Yo Rocket is a Wordpress add-on that helps you create perfect blog titles, driven for CTR. It looks at how positive a sentiment your title holds, and among other variables gives you insight on where your title should improve. Check it out!

#7 Set the benchmark with ahrefs 

An institution in SEO circles, ahrefs gives you a wide range of tools and features. You have; competition analysis, keyword research, backlink research, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring - all at your fingertips.

#8 Audit like a pro with SEMRush 

Another comprehensive tool package, SEMRush gives you the resources to conduct extensive site audits, monitor position tracking and produce detailed ranking reports that have everything you need to know. One million users can’t be wrong.

#9 Make the most of Moz Toolbar

You can add the Moz Toolbar to your browser and have instant resources at your disposal. The MozBar gives you insight into search query competition, link metrics and so much more. It’s become a mainstay for many SEOs, and it’s clear why.

#10 Chase the long-tail with Keyword Tools

With a 99.9% success rate, Keyword Tool is a sure deal. It generates hundreds of relevant, useful long-tail keywords for any topic you can think of. That’s not all - it’s completely free and you don’t even have to make an account. 

#11 Leap to page one with Screaming Frog

Suspend your amphibian-related curiosity for a moment - we’ll explain why Screaming Frog is so great. It allows you to crawl websites and gather vast amounts of data. From broken links to duplicate content, no SEO decision should be made without first consulting the Frog.

#12 Uber-results with Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an incredibly creative tool that finds you new keywords that Google Keyword Planner cannot (shh!). It’s a keyword research powerhouse: easy to use, effective and customisable by location. At Digital Media Stream, we’re all fans of Ubersuggest. 

#13 Get an A* on your SEO Report Card

SEO Report Card is a free tool that analyses your ranking position, link building strategy, on-site features and web site accessibility. It’s all-in-one, producing a report for your site quicker than you can say “SEO success”.

#14 Have a little HubSpot

As a HubSpot Partner Agency ourselves, we can confirm: HubSpot know what they’re talking about! Their Website Grader measures the marketing effectiveness of your site to give you a total inbound marketing score. Aside from metrics, it also gives you real-life, applicable marketing advice. 

#15 Woo your clients with wooRank

wooRank oversees competition research, keyword targeting and site crawl analysis to directly improve your rankings. It’s particularly geared toward keeping an eye on your competition - with woorank you’ll know where you stand.


The above tools are a mixture of free and paid tools, so there are plenty of options for whatever budget your firm has. They are the perfect complement to your inbound marketing efforts. 

One last thing to remember: mix it up! It’s far better to have a few different tools in place, rather than entrusting your whole SEO strategy to a single tool. The internet is vast, folks.

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